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Even More Stupidity in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 8, 2007

Well, we already have the stupidest thing ever in the newspaper – Paris gets out of jail after 3 5 days. Proving once again that the rich really are different. They even get to go by a different calendar than the rest of us.

Hopefully the motion that is being heard today filed by the City Attorney will put her ass right back in there. And hopefully Court TV will have the hearing live. I want to know what :medical condition gets you a “get out of jail free with a Cartier ankle bracelet” card.

In the meantime, here are some other stupid things in the news.

Cheerleading just isn’t the same anymore.


“Scrunch down Junior! More! More! More!…..”


I really wonder if he got any responses….


I guess the lettuce costs extra….


I don’t even know what that means.


The old ones were getting worn out?


Don’t park under those trees.


Maybe cheerleading *is* the same as it used to be.


Woo the hell is that other guy? And why is he there?


OK – I don’t even *want* to know what this guy has been doing.


Truth in Advertising.


That’s just nasty. I hope they are completely renovated.


Somebody failed zoology.


And my favorite – just because I feel so bad for the poor guy. You live a life
of crime and all you’re worth is $3.50???



8 Responses to “Even More Stupidity in the News”

  1. Hank said

    Apparently, Krista’s dream involved a threesome with a big black guy. And Brian made it come true!

  2. Dana said

    Funny, that’s *exactly* what I was going to say — that the dream Brian fulfilled was Krista’s lifelong fantasy of a hot interracial threesome, plus the added exhibitionist naughtiness of slyly announcing it in the local paper, where her parents and all the world could see.

  3. […] At left, you’ll see this week’s winner for “trying to stifle my laughter while I’m at work”. It’s the ultimate “that guy” moment when you barge in on someone’s wedding photo. Either that, or Brian really has fulfilled all of her dreams, and is a very understanding gent. Read more at The Darwin Exception. […]

  4. icedmocha said

    Ha ha ha! Those are great. I especially love the Subway ad.

  5. Rick B. said

    Brian, Krista and…just in case…
    “Big Jim Slade!”

    And the last one reminds me of an old Disney cartoon called “Donald’s Crime” in which Donald Duck imagines that he sees a poster on a telephone pole that reads “WANTED! Donald Duck–$1 Reward!” He tears it off, but there’s another poster with a bigger reward under it…he keeps tearing, the posters keep coming and the reward gets so big that the numbers run off the poster, curve around the pole and spiral into infinity…

  6. abarclay12 said

    I love that that guys life is worth 3.50. I wonder how much I’m worth? I’m gonna start asking around.

  7. abarclay12 said

    Can I get the email address of the guy whose girlfriend died? I might want to go to Puerta Vallarta. He sounds nice.

  8. Jeannie said

    After mulling it over for a while instead of working, I finally figured out that in the washer & dryer ad, “rectally” should read “recently.”

    Now what do I do to postpone working?? I already went through the entire gallery yesterday….

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