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Even More Stupid Crap in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 27, 2007

Our Dish TV isn’t working. The trees in the back property have bloomed, and I think they are blocking the signal. Paul has to fix it – today. If I miss the Spector trial tomorrow I’m going to be pissed.

In the meantime, here’s more Stupid crap in the News.

Call me wacky but I am so NOT going to going to go to a gas station for a mammogram.


Attention? Those 12 year old dads obviously weren’t paying attention the first time around.


I always suspected there was something going on with those two.


Oh get the fuck out of here.


I would really love to know if anyone applied for this job. I really would.


What the hell is that?


That sister in the middle needs some more beauty supplies.


MMMmmmmm. Horse fryers.


I hate these Sudoku things – they always take SO long to figure out.


You gotta watch out for that fun – it sneaks up on you.


Now that’s just nasty.


Next week’s turkey of the week is bacon.


The kids will love it.


Someone doesn’t understand the whole kosher thing.


….and my favorite, just because it’s so fucking stupid.


2 Responses to “Even More Stupid Crap in the News”

  1. Hatpin said

    One of the funniest yet. Brilliant!

    The sudoku thing, by the way, is from the British satirical magazine Private Eye, and is a reference to the famously dumb and nasty newspaper The Sun, as well as to the sudoku craze.

  2. Rick B. said

    I saw a pair of signs in town the other day that would be good for one of these: one reading “Always Cats For Adoption”…in line with a sign for a pet cemetery.

    “Gee mister, your cats aren’t very frisky.”

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