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Stupid Crap in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 17, 2007

Woo Hooo! I finished the Raggedy Ann doll – haven’t started on Andy yet, but I was happy to finish at least one of them. I’ll post a picture in the next entry – bet you can’t wait!

But mostly, I’ll bet you can’t wait to read about some more stupid shit in the news.

I love stupid “before and after” pictures – and this one is really a classic. And look – they even included the kid in the “after” picture.


Now that’s marketing! Cover all bases.


I hope this kid’s birthday is on Christmas day.


See – this is what happens when you start arguing over the meaning of words like “is”.


I’m not very hungry – I’ll just have a pony.


I can’t decide if this is creepy, in bad taste or a really great money maker.


Did I not get a memo?


Free donuts on Father’s Day.


Another example of “Too Stupid to be a Criminal”.


I really hope they had posters that said “Weiner vs. Beaver.”


I don’t know why this cracks me up- but it does.


I can’t believe they actually allowed this to be put in the newspaper. I really can’t. I can believe it’s some utility companies position – but I can’t believe they say it out loud.


I’ll pass.


I’ll pass on swimming in the pool, too.


And my favorite – just because it’s so fucking funny.


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3 Responses to “Stupid Crap in the News”

  1. Kitt said

    The dunk tank proceeds benefit the Optimist Club.

    I guess you have to really be optimistic to give it a shot, so: Appropriate!

    I wonder if Dave of Atonement is cute. Mom wants me to meet a nice Jewish boy.

    Thanks again for your hilarious work! (And I can’t wait for the Spector trial reports to resume. I wish MSNBC or Court TV would pay you for them.

  2. icedmocha said

    Wherever do you find this stuff?! So funny. If I don’t stop laughing, I’ll need to call 991. 😉

  3. And I can’t wait for the Spector trial reports to resume. I wish MSNBC or Court TV would pay you for them.

    No reason you can’t pay me! Send all donations to my PayPal account – Or cupcakes! Send me cupcakes! Or Harley t-shirs – Paul collects those. Or Odoreaters for Rainman. Or earplugs! I would *LOVE* some earplugs! OOOhhhhh – buttons! I LOVE old buttons.

    No, no – salt and pepper shakers – NO!!! Magnets for the fridge -I collect those, too. NO! Sewing patterns! I’m getting quite a collection of those now that Yard Sale season has started again. And FABRIC!! Yeah! Send fabric! Especially old, vintage fabric.

    OHHHH!! I *STILL* want a dressmaker’s dummy. But I *REALLY* think you should just send like old vintage sewing stuff for the swing room. I need pictures for the wall of old ads for sewing machines….Wait! YARN!!!!

    Fuck it. Don’t send anything – just keep enjoying….


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