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CA vs. Spector – Two More Women and a Madam

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 10, 2007

Yesterday two more women took the stand to say Phil Spector isn’t a very nice guy when he’s drunk. First up was Stephanie Jennings, a successful celebrity photographer who dated Spector back in the early 90’s and accompanied him in 1995 to New York City to attend and photograph the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony and party.Now, I have to admit, this witness distracted me. She has something going on with her nose – a dark line over the bridge, and I kept focusing on that.But, anyway, she testified that at the after party, Phil got drunk and was acting very obnoxiously, so she left and went back to her room at the Carlyle Hotel which was down the hall from Spector’s. She changed and went to sleep.Shortly thereafter, there was a knock on the door. She answered it and it was Spector’s bodyguard, who said Spector wanted her to join him in his room. She explained to the bodyguard that it was late, she was asleep, and that she would see Spector in the morning.She went back to bed and no more than 5 minutes later Spector himself came knocking. When she answered the door he came into the room screaming “I’m paying for this room. You’ll come down to my suite if I tell you.” She answered that she would pay for the room herself. He said fine, and she started to pack her belongings while they argued. She went into the bathroom to pack her toiletries and Spector got physical with her, either pushing or hitting her, she doesn’t remember which. But she shoved him away from her and he ended up falling into the bathtub. Spector got up from the bathtub, never said a word and left the room. He returned moments later with a small gun. He put a chair in front of the door, and told her she wasn’t going anywhere.

Jennings dialed 911 on the phone, and the operator asked her a series of questions which required only yes/no answers. The police came, and allowed Jennings to gather her things and leave the room. She did not press charges against Spector, mostly because she says the hotel staff and manager had treated the incident as though it was her fault, at one point accusing her of being a call girl.

The defense brought up the fact that Jennings had sold her story to the Enquirer after Clarkson died, although Jennings says that they were only supposed to use her pictures, not her story. They also, as they have with all witnesses, made a great deal out of the fact that Spector was a nice guy otherwise, that the witness liked Spector and continued to see him publicly without incident. Although Jennings, as did the other two witnesses before
her, said that she was never again alone with Spector after the incident.

The fourth and final “pattern witness’ takes the stand in the form of Melissa Grosvenor. She recounts how she met Spector in 1991 at a party thrown by the late music executive Ahmet Ertegun. She was a waitress at the time and had never heard of Spector before he began pursuing her. Spector squired her around Manhattan for a year and a half, taking her to Knicks games, dinners and parties. Asked if it was a romantic relationship, Grosvenor hesitates and says, “it was a platonic relationship.” Eventually, he left his presidential suite at the Waldorf where he had been living and returned to his home in California. He sent her a ticket to visit him in November 1992, she says. The night she arrived, things turned sour. They went out for dinner and drinks and then returned to his house in Pasadena.

Grosvenor said that she had imbibed one drink and was tired but that Spector was “definitely a little drunk, slurring his words.” At about 2 a.m., she wanted to leave and was sitting near the door waiting to go when Spector walked in wearing a shoulder holster and carrying a handgun. He “walked right up to my face just inches from my eyes and said, ‘If you try to leave, I’m gonna kill you,” Grosvenor recalled. It’s a familiar story by now: Spector is drunk. The woman wants to go home. Suddenly, he has a gun. She points out a spot between her eyes and says Spector was holding the gun inches from it. The defense’s tactic with this witness was to discredit her, questioning Grosvenor about a past conviction for embezzlement that preceded her leaving her job at a Georgia bank, and why she lied about it on a later employment application. (The prosecution filed a motion yesterday attempting to block this line of questioning, but apparently to no avail.)

In other trial news, the defense, which claimed in opening statements that it would never try to sully Clarkson’s character, subpoenaed ex-Hollywood madam Jodi “Babydoll” Gibson as a possible witness.

Gibson, who served 22 months in prison for running an international prostitution operation, wrote in her memoir “Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam” that a tall, blonde girl named “Alana” who once worked for her “would make headlines in the news years later after being found murdered in the home of a wealthy record producer.”

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7 Responses to “CA vs. Spector – Two More Women and a Madam”

  1. It looks like she had a nose collapse from cocaine abuse.

  2. Oh wow! Do you think that’s it?? Is that what that would look like? Interesting!


  3. Barbara said

    They better not find him innocent. Its a tad obvious that he did it.

  4. Veronique said

    Nose collapse? I was wondering if it was lupus.


    OMG, have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

    Wait for the forensic evidence!

    Phil, is my friend and he a very nice man. These women coming back from 27 years ago for their 15 minutes of fame.

  6. OMG, have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

    Sure. But you do realize that “innocent until proven guilty” only refers to the rights of a defendent *in a court of law*, right? That doesn’t mean that *everyone* has to “consider a person innocent” – only that the court has to consider him innocent. I mean, otherwise, why would we lock people up before trial, I mean, we have to consider them innocent, right?

    Wait for the forensic evidence!

    Can’t wait. I’m sure I say more than once in here that I’m looking forward to it. I hope Linda Kenney Baden lives up to the opening statement she gave.

    Phil, is my friend and he a very nice man.

    Which means nothing, you know. I mean, Ted Bundy had friends, too.

    But, just out of curiosity, did he ever pull a gun on you?

    These women coming back from 27 years ago for their 15 minutes of fame.

    They were subpoenaed. They had no choice. That happens when someone you call the cops on over a domestic violence incident later is accused of murder.


  7. sooze said

    Before you criticize someone’s looks and accuse them of wrongdoings, get your frickin’ facts straight. Ms. Jennings had a horrible car accident. She used to be gorgeous. You should be ashamed of yourself, Sanford.

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