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CA vs. Spector – Isn’t It Romantic?

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 8, 2007

The best quote of the trial so far? One from Dianne Ogden as she continues her testimony regarding her relationship with Phil Spector and how things went terribly wrong between them all those years ago. “He said he was going to blow my brains out. That wasn’t romantic to me.”

Ogden is the second woman in Spector’s long and storied past  to take the stand and recount how he had pulled a gun on them when he was drinking and the women attempted to leave his house.

Unlike Dorothy Melvin, the first witness we heard from, who alleges that after Spector pulled a gun on her she never saw him alone again, Ogden, apparently more forgiving, allowed herself to be put in such a situation twice. One incident culminated in what she described as an attempted rape at gunpoint. The other ended with him chasing her to her car with an Uzi, she said. She stopped seeing him after the Uzi thing.

And this was after the *first* incident, years before, in which he locked her in his house for 30 minutes and wouldn’t let her leave, although he never did pull a gun then. She had stopped socializing with him after that happened, and it wasn’t until years later, when his agent called her and asked if she would be interested in becoming Phil’s part time assistant that she started to see him again.

She also testified that she never filed any charges against him, either for the attempted rape, the gun brandishing or the unlawful detentions, and she referred to him several times during her testimony as “my Phil”, even turning to him at one point during her direct testimony to tell him herself “I want to make it very clear that I was subpoenaed to come here.” Apparently she is as forgiving as ever.

After the attempted rape – she testified that they had never been intimate before that incident, and weren’t that night, either – she awoke the next morning to find Phil in the shower, singing along with the radio “as if nothing had happened.” She said she forgave him because she loved his sweetness and humor, and because she thought his uncharacteristic behavior was caused by his drinking problem.

But when she returned again to his home alone with him several months later, he again pulled out a gun when she attempted to leave. “I have an Uzi and I’m going to kill you,” he screamed at her. She said that she ran to her car and he chased her, banging the gun against her windows and pointing it at her rear window as she drove off.

Also unlike Melvin, who stopped short of comparing her own situation to that of Lana Clarkson, Ogden drew several parallels for the jury, saying that she was struck by the reports that Clarkson’s purse hung from her shoulder as she lay dead, since Ogden had her purse slung over her shoulder as she begged Spector to let her leave while he had a gun to her face. She also name dropped a little bit, saying that her good friend Paul Shaffer, band leader for David Letterman, and an associate of Spector’s, told Ogden that she “easily” could have been the woman killed after news of Clarkson’s death surfaced.

On cross-examination, Bruce Cutler, apparently totally recovered, since the Judge had to reprimand him several times for screaming at the witness and pointing his finger in her face,  pressed Ogden on how she had come to be a prosecution witness. She said two investigators came to her home in Utah the year after Clarkson’s death and urged her to cooperate with the investigation. “They told me I should tell the truth for the family of the
girl,” she said.

When Cutler asked her about why she had not reported any of the incidents to the police, Ogden confessed that she felt guilty, given the death of Clarkson. “Now I feel bad,” she said. “I should maybe have done it. Maybe I would have helped him stop.” This led Cutler to ask her if she had already concluded that Spector was guilty, and she said “I didn’t want him to be responsible”, but she said that she found the circumstances “pretty similar” to her own. He suggested, loudly, that *the police* had pt it in her mind that he was guilty, and that *the police* had convinced her that there were similarities between her incident’s and Clarkson’s that maybe never existed before *the police* put them in her mind. But she did not waver in her description of the events or in what she remembered had happened.

Cutler, again demonstrating that his client is “a genius” asked Ogden if she was aware of all the “songs Phil has written and the records and artists he has produced.” The judge overruled the Prosecutions objections to the question, and Ogden answers that “Phil familiarized her with his music.” She agreed with Cutler’s assessment of Spector as a kind, generous, giving man, and she recounted a story involving Spector and Ike Turner. She said that when Ike Turner was broke and couldn’t pay his dry cleaning bill that Spector wrote out a check so Turner would have something to wear to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

Up next is the third woman in the line of “pattern witnesses” – Stephanie Jennings is expected to recount her story of Phil getting drunk, her trying to leave, and Phil pulling a gun.


4 Responses to “CA vs. Spector – Isn’t It Romantic?”


    Joyce Danelen, knows that Phil Spector will be found innocent. As he is!

  2. Laughing@philspector said

    Hey Phil get out that big fluffy wig you wore at the trial’s opening day. That’ll really turn on those animals who’ve been pumping iron the past twenty years in prison and will soon be pumping you. Then you can be their b+tch for the rest of your short miserable life, (yes it’ll be short, just like you, but not bald, it’ll be very hairy indeed). And guess what, when they make their threats they’ll be making them to you and carrying them out too. And you won’t have any guns or bodyguards or mansion walls to protect you either. Ah, there is justice sometimes and you’ll know terror far worse than anything you ever did to the multitudes of women you’ve bullied over the years. Looks like your detective body guards and the bribe taking active duty cops can’t save you from this one. Good luck in prison Phil baby!

  3. Laughing@philspector said

    As the trial comes to a close for this bully and it is revealed more and more how he terrorized and abused his children unmercifully (at least one of whom is now homeless and HIV positive and Phil never gave him a dime or a single word of support) let alone the countless scores of women he abused and threatened to murder; and it becomes apparent his case will be a lost cause, most of his slimy, opportunistic friends will start to back away from him (other than those in a position to divvy up his estate which he’ll lose as he dies in jail). But Phil, don’t lose heart, you’ll soon have lots of new violent and psychotic friends inside prison, so many in fact that you’ll have all kinds of bubbas up the ass.

  4. noorbe said

    Dianne Ogden
    Spector assistant testified at trial

    Dianne Ogden, 61, a music talent coordinator and former assistant to music producer Phil Spector who was one of four women to testify at his trial last year about his threatening them with guns, died Dec. 29 at her home in Park City, Utah.

    Ogden died in her sleep of undetermined causes, her daughter, Angie Ogden Osborne, said Saturday.

    Spector was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was shot at his Alhambra mansion Feb. 3, 2003. Ogden was the second woman called by the prosecution to bolster its case that Spector followed a pattern of luring women to his home, drinking, then pulling guns on them when they tried to leave.

    In testimony last May in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Ogden, who said she was a friend of Spector’s, described a party in 1989 at his home, then in Pasadena. When she tried to leave about midnight, Spector pushed a gun against her — “He put it all over me,” she said — then forced her to his bedroom. She said she lay on the bed next to him until he fell asleep.

    The next morning, Ogden said, Spector acted “like nothing had happened” and she left the house. She did not report the incident to authorities, and she was compelled by the district attorney’s office to testify.

    In September, after jurors failed to reach a verdict, the judge declared a mistrial. A retrial is scheduled for this year.

    Ogden, born Feb. 16, 1946, in Culver City, was a longtime talent coordinator for the Grammy Awards and other music variety programs.

    In addition to her daughter, she is survived by her husband, Steven Hadler; son Sean; stepson Shannon; two grandchildren; sister Marcia Ogden; and brother Mike LaFirenza.…ack=2&cset=true

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