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TV For the Blind

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 6, 2007

Today was a quiet day. Paul did laundry all day. And started scraping the Harley barn. He wants to get a coat of paint on it (and a roof) before the summer is over. Todd got into a fight with his blind girlfriend this morning. About 7:30 we heard him start his muttering and mumbling – she apparently had left in a cab moments before. His muttering and mumbling is loud enough that it woke me up. Which pissed Paul off. Then Todd came clambering up the stairs. I don’t know what the hell he was saying. something about “her” and “go”. That’s all I could make out. Then he went back downstairs and out the front door. Which made me glad he had woke me up because he left the front door open when he went out I told Paul – “Go get Milo!” and since that meant Paul had to get up it pissed him off enough that later when Todd came back he read him the riot act about leaving the damned door open.


And we haven’t seen the blind girlfriend again today.

And I have a few things to say about her, too. Now I don’t know this girl, and she seems very nice. I’ve only actually spoken to her once, before Todd moved in she came with him to talk to Paul during the little “pre roommate” interview Paul had with him. She seemed to ask a lot of questions, she explained things to Todd that he didn’t seem to understand, and she treated him as though she genuinely cared about him.

But then cracks began to show. I’m not certain, but I think this chick is taking Todd for a ride. She’s using him, plain and simple, and Paul pointed out that her departure and feigned “I’m mad at you” position this morning dovetailed quite coincidentally with his sudden lack of funds.

He got his check on the first, and, as we all know, he paid the rent. His girlfriend also talked him into buying her a TV. Now, I’ve never been blind. Well, except for a short stint when I had my eye surgery, but one of the things that I couldn’t do when I was bandaged up and my eyes were full of some kind of numbing medicine was watch TV. And I don’t mean to be unkind (well, not any more than usual), but what the fuck is this bitch going to do with a fucking TV? She’s fucking blind! Do they have some kind of Braille attachment for the TV? I mean, wouldn’t a radio with a TV band kind of be the same thing, and be much cheaper? I mean, how is she even going to use the remote? And does she need cable? I mean, the onscreen guide won’t do her a lot of good, will it? I just don’t get it.

But – she wanted a TV, and he bought her one. And not some 10 inch black and white $49 job, either. She wanted a big ass like 48 inch TV, and that’s what he bought her. She wanted to go to the casino, and he took her. She wanted to order food in Friday and Saturday nights, and he ordered. Then, he ran out of money, and she got mad at him for some unknown reason and hasn’t called him or come back over since. We’ll see how long she stays away, and whether or not her return dovetails nicely with his check on the first of the month.

But, I sewed all day. Finished another project! This little sundress. I think it’s adorable. Ties at the shoulders, with a full ruffled skirt with a band of eyelet material around the bottom. There are two pockets on the front with the same eyelet material at the top, and a big bow and a zipper in the back. Too cute. It’s for my friend’s little girl Katie, who will look so cute in it!

And I went back to Joann’s yesterday (I needed a zipper for the sundress.) And, of course, I bought a ton of fabric. I can’t leave there without buying a ton of fabric. I need another cabinet in the sewing room for my stash. The first cabinet is overstuffed and there’s fabric everywhere in the room.

Next up is the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for my mother. I wanted to have them done by Mother’s Day, but I don’t think that will happen. But, I’ll try.

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4 Responses to “TV For the Blind”

  1. Hank said

    “But – she wanted a TV, and he bought her one. And not some 10 inch black and white $49 job, either. She wanted a big ass like 48 inch TV, and that’s what he bought her.”

    Something very strange about that. Is she really blind? Or maybe she just figures she’ll get a lot more money for the 48 incher after they break up.

  2. Veronique said

    The 48 inch TV made a little bit of sense to me; there are shades of gray with blindness and the girlfriend could indeed be legally blind and yet still have some sight, if the objects are large enough.

  3. darkon said

    I’ll second what Veronique said. My ex-mother-in-law was legally blind, but by putting her chair right in front of her huge television she see could see enough to get by.

  4. […] the purple dress I made? Well, I made that for my friend’s little girl, Katie, the same little girl I made the […]

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