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Let’s Look at Some Stupidity in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 3, 2007

No new testimony in the Spector trial until Monday – but they are conducting some hearings related to motions the prosecution has filed. I’ll update on those later.

Until then – enjoy these stupid people in the news!

You know I think that’s just precious! I might not want the “leader of the free world” to be thinking this, but it *is* precious – if you’re 4.


10 to 1 the guy hung up and said “WooHoo! I got away with it!”


Fucking terrorist squirrels – that’s my guess. Those bastards are everywhere.


Some people really are just too fucking stupid to be successful criminals.


I’m not even sure what the hell this means! Are you buying a picture of an ice chest – or a sculpture of an ice chest?


A 2002? Owned by Walt Disney! I wonder if this is the car he owned when he died – in the fucking 60’s you idiot.


I think when you take the decals off your per bread poppies it really lowers the value.


You know, my husband *never* gets this excited when I buy him a new rain poncho.


…so just keep both dates open until we figure out which comes first….


It amazes me that they feel they have to include this advice


Fuck! I *SO* could have won this! And I’ve never even BEEN to Hamilton!


now there’s a killer with standards – he wouldn’t do it for just *regular* old potatoes.


….and my favorite. Just because it’s so fucking stupid


5 Responses to “Let’s Look at Some Stupidity in the News”

  1. […] are few things that are a guaranteed laugh for me, but Darwin Exception’s Stupid People In the News segments give at least one howler per […]

  2. Those “decals” are probably dewclaws. A lot of breeders remove them when the puppies are very young.

  3. Veronique said

    C’mon, now you’re going to claim “per bread” means they were some kind of specific breed. And that they were baby dogs, not flowers.

  4. Valerie said

    HAHA those were great!

  5. icedmocha said

    LOL!! I came here via Joey’s blog. This stuff is absolutely great. Thanks for a great laugh.

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