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I Learned it in AFCA 04/06/07 – 04/12/07

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 13, 2007


durig the Seven Years War in the middle of the 18th century The Royal Navy lost about 90,000 men to death from scurvy — and only about 1,500 to combat. Over the decades in which naval surgeons closely studied the disease in attempts to find a cure, they noticed that those seamen who regularly supplemented their diet by eating rats were much less prone to scurvy than seamen who stuck to their rations. This was because rats synthesize ascorbic acid from their food and so were a source, albeit inadequate, of the substance that protects against scurvy.

Chickadees and nuthatches are notorious for stashing away black oil sunflower seeds for later consumption, usually under tree bark, creating their own private caches of food to get them through the roughest days of the winter. Chickadees even grow additional brain cells for the winter just to keep up with their hiding places. One study showed that chickadees seemed to know exactly how many seeds were in each cache and would become extremely agitated when one or more seeds were taken away in their absence.

“Indian Summer” was coined because on warm fall days it was still good enough weather to go hunting for Native American men, women and children and have time after to boil their skulls to send to the Smithsonian for analysis.

“A Texas-based pizza parlor chain wanted to build its brand with Latinos. So it offered a promotion accepting Mexican money to buy a pizza pie. Though not the first company in America to accept pesos – Wal-Marts in border towns do it – Pizza Patron says it got hate mail and death threats. In spite of that, it’s extended the peso promotion through spring.”

Branch Rickey, while working for the Dodgers, was the executive who brought Jackie Robinson to the major leagues.

When Fath Ali became the Shah of Persia in 1797, he was given a complete set of the Britannica’s 3rd edition, which he read completely; after this feat of scholarship, he extended his royal title to include “Most Formidable Lord and Master of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

The 2nd Congregational Church in Canterbury, Connecticut was constructed facing what at the time was a main road through town.  Traffic patterns changed over the decades and the road near the rear corner became a main route through town, the road that the church building faced a mere side street.  At some point in the late 19th century the church building was jacked up, the fountation rebuilt and the building rotated about 100 degrees so that it faced the new main road.  The bearing that it rotated on was made of cannon balls.

the tin can was patented in 1810 and the first can opener wasn’t patented until 1858.

A chocolate Jesus on a crucifix should be eaten hands first.  That first nibble should take place exactly one week before Easter, on Palm Sunday.

In the U.S. for 2001, there were 29,573 deaths from firearms, distributed as follows by mode of death: Suicide 16,869; Homicide 11,348; Accident 802; Legal Intervention 323; Undetermined 231.(CDC, 2004) This makes firearms injuries one of the top ten causes of death in the U.S. The number of firearms-related injuries in the U.S., both fatal and non-fatal, increased through 1993, but has since declined steadily.(CDC, 2001) However, firearms injuries remain a leading cause of death in the U.S., particularly among youth (CDC, 2004).

Hemingway attempted suicide in the spring of 1961, and received ECT treatment again. Some three weeks short of his 62nd birthday, he took his life on the morning of July 2, 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, with a shotgun blast to the head. Judged not mentally responsible for his final act, he was buried in a Roman Catholic service. Hemingway himself blamed the ECT treatments for “putting him out of business” by destroying his memory; medical and scholarly opinion has been respectfully attentive to this view.

“Wales had no explicit recognition in the Union Flag because Wales, having been annexed by Edward I of England in 1282 and following the Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542, is legally part of the Kingdom of England and is therefore represented by the flag of England. (The present-day Flag of Wales and St David’s Cross emerged, or re-emerged, in the 20th century: the former based on a Royal badge and the latter on the arms of the Diocese of Saint David’s.) The Kingdom of Ireland, which had existed as a personal union with England since 1541, was likewise unrepresented in the original versions of the Union Flag”

A near midair collision is defined as an incident associated with the operation of an aircraft in which a possibility of collision occurs as a result of proximity of less than 500 feet to another aircraft, or a report is received from a pilot or a flight crew member stating that a collision hazard existed between two or more aircraft.


I think Sister Goldenhair was enough.

>You probably have to be queer or rich! I’m neither, poor and normal describes me.
So does stupid, semi-literate, cuckolded, and bigoted. You wear a lot of hats.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost his grip than never to have loved at all.

The last thing you need is a hotch-potch bunch of hillbilly marmots, all little jugs of moonshine and tiny banjos and receding chins.

Yeah, that’s just what some nice person said in, before all hell broke loose.

They usually use a shell account.

I think I’d have gone with, “I used to work in a slaughterhouse.”

When there’s crap in it, stand waaaaaay back.

That settles it then, its a microwave crud baker.

I once saw a possum crawl out of a storm drain and look both ways for traffic before crossing the street.


I cannot help but pity men who think ill of women who suck cock.

My mom wouldn’t let me have toy guns, so I had to go “bang” with a stick.

I’m so glad I wasn’t tortured as a child.

The house I am staying in on my vacation has OJ in the fridge.

I’ve never been much of an alpha-male “suck my dick” type

I’ll take it as a compliment if anyone thinks I’m attractive enough to want to have sex with me.

I’ve been pulling on mine since puberty and it’s still short and thin!

We do it with friends and family, but only when all are within easy reach

My mom wouldn’t let me have toy guns, so I had to go “bang” with a stick.

I’ve decided to combat global warming by going out on my front lawn and running around in circles.

Last night I dreamed that my husband died and so I was forced to appear on the Lawrence Welk Show.

I’m not endorsing any solution that includes both ‘monkeys’ and ‘my ass’.

Show me a place with a bar, and I can be entertained for hours.

Many years ago, someone asked me “where’s the action” around here. I had no idea


I don’t have the energy to go postal, or even apeshit, these days.

Few profundities will fit into 72 characters.

My posts are 5.575416637545447577477047376546% more profound than the average AFCAn’s.

Quantity is key. Even if you have nothing to add to the conversation.

We got yesterday today.

 I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it beyond what I said.

 I rarely get the chance to go to hell in such convivial company

Our old stuff is so much younger than British old stuff.

I don’t think we should argue about this any more, since we’re both zealots.


If you’re going to get your knickers in a twist, do it over something that’s worth it, not some douche in his autumn years fucking up an already piss poor joke.

Buy a huge set of cheap tools.  Whenever one breaks, replace it with a Craftsman.  Eventually, the tools you stress will be the good ones, and you haven’t paid for the expensive version of the tools you never use or only use gently.

Shake your fist and cackle. Bourbon helps.

You just have to start associating with a better class of beggars.


What’s the big tall thing sticking up out of the bottom?

Can I give my kid booze here in Kansas or should I take him to Missouri?

Does this position make my downside look fat?

Could you take your fixations and fetishes with you to whatever rock you crawled out from under?

Besides you, what is there to do in Denver?

So you’re never exactly sure when you’ll get the blow job?

Do you want me to find out here in a safe loving environment or on the street?

If yes to #2, is it ding-ding, or ding-dong?


Jesus doesn’t have bunny ears.

When sticks are outlawed, only outlaws will have sticks.

You gotta admit that generating power from winged monkeys flying out of peoples’ butts would be way cool

Rugby is a contact sport enjoyed almost exclusively by middle-class thugs with funny-shaped balls.



charismatic megafauna

Apian Rapture

the new zinc horrors

Foul Tongues

Grass Pants

Greengrocer’s Apostrophe

chimney sweep scrotum


Defense in debth

the value of pickering


Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Keeping Me From Searching the Web?


The New Bedlam Home for the Emotionally Interesting


The basic problem of global warming is that the surface of the earth is gaining more heat than it radiates into space. In 1997, NOAA researchers found the net heat increase to be 0.3 watts per square meter.

Instead of focusing just on greenhouse gasses that trap the heat, look at the whole picture for alternative solutions. The primary heating of the earth is due to solar radiation. The average solar radiation hitting the US is about 4kWh/M^2/day (167 watts per square meter) The Earth’s albedo is 0.39 so it absorbs 61% of the incident solar radiation.

An AOL CD is a 12 cm  diameter disk with about 0.01 square meters of reflective surface. That means we would need less that one AOL CD for every 3 square meters to reflect enough sunlight back into space to balance global warming.


One Response to “I Learned it in AFCA 04/06/07 – 04/12/07”

  1. Boron said

    I learned stuff (down) here! I learned The Princess is a devoted reader, too.

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