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Stupid Sports Stuff In the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 12, 2007

Just for my buddy over at “The Extrapolator” – a really great blog that you should check out – here is some stupid sports stuff in the news.


Well, you know, when someone is outslutting you, the best thing to do is tighten.


Well, looks like this guy was trying to outslut someone, too.


It’s good to know that “Thing” from the Addams Family is still alive and well.


and a welcome return it was, I bet.



Now that’s a real team supporter.


soon they’ll all need colon surgery.


I wonder if they are as good as the Cowboys?


Nothing like taking one for the team….


Now I’m wondering why there was a such an uproar when Terry was nekkid in that movie.


and my favorite…..just because it’s so stupid.





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