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The Pregnant Thief Strikes Again

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 25, 2007

So – news to tell you. BIG news. Remember the pregnant thief? The original pregnant thief with the dimwitted boyfriend and the kid named Cabbage  Abbagale? The kid named Abbagale born just this past November?

Well, the pregnant thief is pregnant again.

Yes, pregnant again.

Several people in AFCA have said “Well, that’s to be expected” and “I’m not surprised.” But, you know I was surprised. Maybe it’s just me. I would NEVER have thought this bitch would get pregnant again. I mean, for Christ’s sake – they have to move because they can’t afford the $80 or so they have to pay in rent every month. She’s gotten caught shoplifting 3 times (that I know of) SINCE the cabbage was born in November, they have no money, he has no job, they’ve been down here at least twice just in February begging “any extra food we might have”. And I was *certain* she said that she was having the doctor put her on the pill after this kid was born. Because I told her my own self “Ya Think?”

WHY would they even CONSIDER getting pregnant again? Why? There’s no reason for it. None. There are ways to make it NOT HAPPEN. EASY ways. FREE ways. It’s not like the pill COSTS her anything.

And why oh why would that stupid fucking kid put his dick anywhere near her if she WASN’T on the pill?? I mean, ok, I gave him a hard time about knocking her up the first time. But, ok, I can shrug it off and say “Well, she tricked him, I understand.” But a SECOND time? Three months later? Oh hell no. Now there’s no excuse for his stupidity. Letting it happen a second time isn’t being “tricked” – it’s being fucking stupid.

I guess I gave HIM at least more credit than I should have. I just didn’t think he would be ignorant enough to knock her up again. I would have bet money he’d learned his lesson. I would have lost, but I would have bet money.

And no, I’m not sewing any cute little dresses or outfits for this newest bundle of joy, and I’m not knitting any buntings or baby blankets. And I’m not buying any newborn Pampers or anticipating any baby showers. Although I may go over to and buy the new arrival some baby books – like these:



5 Responses to “The Pregnant Thief Strikes Again”

  1. darkon said

    Love the children’s books, but there’s one I wanted to see that wasn’t there: Curious George and the Electric Fence.

  2. Dana said

    Please, please tell me you didn’t give the Pregnant Thief and her stupid boyfriend any “extra” food. Please tell me you told her, “Hey, skank, get a job and pay for what you eat like the rest of the grown-up world. Oh, and while you’re at it, get a freaking Norplant.”

  3. Greg Goss said

    In modern western civilization, “the shrimp strategy” works. Produce lots of offspring and let the world nurture them. The “penguin strategy” of having a small number of offspring and nurturing the hell out of them is temporarily the incorrect strategy. With that “Darwin” up there and all, you should understand this.

    >I guess I gave HIM at least more credit than I should have. I

    He now has two offspring. I have none. In the eyes of Darwin, which of us is the loser?

  4. Gary Day said


    I wish my rent was $80 per month! 🙂 My rent works out to about $75 per freaking day..

    Dubai is too expensive..


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