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Hey! We have a Sewing Room!!

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 18, 2007

Well, I hope you all are sitting down, because you are going to fall down if you aren’t. Paul actually finished something today – can you believe it? I sure as hell couldn’t.

Yes, he actually finished the sewing room and got everything moved over from the computer room – and he even hung stuff on the walls. This is HUGE – for Paul. He never finishes anything – and always the little “finishing touches” – like hanging shit on the walls  – are left for “I’ll get around to that” day. I have a shelf in my computer room that STILL needs to be hung – from last summer.

But this was a really big accomplishment. Because it’s not as though it was an easy thing to finish – this is what the sewing room looked like just yesterday:



Still a lot to be done – and to be honest, I truly thought this was one of those “pie in the sky” pipe dream kinds of tasks that would never actually get done. So when he started talking about “well, I have this idea for a fold out ironing table for you” – do you *Really* think that I thought by the end of the weekend I would have a fold out ironing table? No, I did not. I just kind of nodded at Paul and said “Yeah, that would be great….you do that, Paul…” Now I wish I had actually listened to some of the ideas he had and maybe contributed a little more – but, you know, who knew he was actually going to like fucking
*do it*? Not me.

So, here is a little tour of the sewing room – with the fold out ironing table, which doubles as a cutting table (Paul even tacked down a cloth tape measure to the edge of the table – un fucking real ).


This is as you walk into the room – the little table in the front (where you can just see the tape measure along the front edge) is pull out – you can push that back in to be even with the edge of the sewing machine table and the storage bins underneath. Those storage bins hold fabric, patterns and more fabric. The dresser you can just see the edge of on the right is also full of patterns.

Walking intot he room to the edge of the sewing machine table – we have the serger table, and you can just see the thread rack on the wall to the left. Paul actually hung that. My other two machines -t eh ones I don’t use, are visible, too. The old Singer is on the left and the Janome is on the right. Also, that’s my current knitting project on the Serger stand.

Turning around, back towards the door, we can see my button box on the end of the table – I have tons of buttons, the scissors are hung on the wall, as are my embroidery hoops, and the two cabinets you can see (plus all the totes) are full of more fabric stash.

Now, the other wall, of course, is stuffed with books – and pictures. I’d love to take the last remaining bedroom, and dedicate that to my library. Or maybe take all these bookshelves and put them in the now empty computer room.


Turning around again towards the TV room, you can see the dresser – that’s full of patterns. I really need to get rid of some of my patterns.

And another view of the cabinet full of fabric stash – and the embroidery hoops – HUNG on the WALL! – and the vase full of knitting needles on top of the cabinet full of fabric stash.


And another view of the cutting/ironing table – with my button box at the end and the current sewing projects next to the sewing machine.


So, that’s what Paul did today. Mostly I watched – in shock and awe, I must admit. But, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for how I can make it better. Not that I could get Paul to do much more – but simple things I can do myself.

And you do realize, don’t you, that he had to have an ulterior motive for all this. I’m thinking either a). Someone is having a party and he wants to go. b) He wants to have a party or have friends over here or c) He wants sex. 

Keep your fingers crossed that there’s a party in his future.



3 Responses to “Hey! We have a Sewing Room!!”

  1. Lisa Ann said

    Kim – tell him that it had better be a party, because for sex, he has to produce a working kitchen sink.

    The sewing room looks great!

    Lisa ann

  2. Boron said

    I am going to nominate Paul for the Martha Stewart “It’s a Good Fucking Thing” Award.

  3. mbmb said


    If you notice Flint, MI on your hits, it’s because I have had some time to go back and read your previous blogs. OMG you are too funny! I actually think I have my “other sister” considering getting a computer (again) just to read your blog. She needs a computer for a million other reasons…but, that’s another story.

    Love your sewing room. Paul and you did a great job! I know YOU had a lot to do with it, too. I think Paul may be way to scared of the kitchen sink to finish that job. Me being the bitch I am, I wouldn’t cook, wash dishes, or have almost nothing to do with the kitchen until I had that kitchen sink hooked up. I know you know how to eat from a kitchen without a sink…but, does Paul? He seems like a great guy…just needs a kick in the ass kind of guy. Trust me, I know…I have a Paul myself. They “Think” about things to death. Now I’m just thinking about “Death”.

    If I thought about laundry, grocery shopping, paying the bills, cleaning, and cooking that much, we would be living under a bridge or in a van by the river. Good Men, just not a lot upstairs…or not a lot we can share with. But, I love the lazy bastard that I’m married to. If only because, he is honest, true to me, and he brings me flowers. There is something else about him…he loves clean windows. He washes the windows in the house 3* a year. That has to make a woman a little giddy 🙂

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