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Well, I’m “Lost” – But I Fixed the Serger

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 15, 2007

Today was a very, very good day. Not because I only got 3 hours sleep last night – mostly because “Lost” blew my mind, and I stayed up all night at the Fuselage and in trying to find out if anyone else knew what the fuck was going on, because I sure as hell don’t. And no luck at either of those places, either – nice to know everyone else was as blown away as I was. No, today was a good, good day because I THREADED MY OWN SERGER!

Now, if you HAVE a serger, you know what a huge accomplishment this is. I haven’t been using this machine very long – I  bought this machine last summer, from this place, (which is a really great place to buy your sewing machines from – I bought this serger and my embroidery machine from
them and they gave me really great deals and a bunch of “extras”), but it sat in a box in the sewing room waiting for the room to be finished enough to take it out – which probably never would have happened, since the room isn’t finished even as of now. But a really good friend asked me to make her son a Halloween costume, which necessitated taking the serger out of the box. So I’ve been using it since October. It came threaded – which was a bonus, and I was very careful to keep an eye on the cones of thread, so I could use the “tie off method” of threading, wherein you just tie a new spool to the end of the old spool, so you never have to actually thread the machine at all. You just let the new thread be part of the old – like one continuous spool.

But, just before Christmas one of the supplied spools of thread ended – with more thread left on the spool. There was  a “false end”. Sneaky son of a bitch. I couldn’t thread the fucking thread for nothing – the built in diagrams were complicated and confusing, the manual wasn’t helpful in the least, and I was shit out of luck. Finally, I took the machine to Joann’s and the nice, nice lady there, despite never having threaded a five thread serger before, managed to thread the machine for me. I was so happy!

But, yesterday, as I was completing the top for the little flannel fur lined pajamas, one of the threads broke and the machine was unthreaded again. What a fucking pain in the ass. I shut the machine off, put the cover on and said “Fuck it. This weekend, when I go to Joann’s anyway for my weekly fabric stash run, I’ll take the machine in and hopefully that same lady still works there and has time to thread the machine – again. ” I mean, look at these diagrams – what the hell kind of engineering degree do you need to follow this crap?

Well, this morning I really wanted to sew. And I do need the serger, so I took the cover off, looked around on the web for better threading illustrations, took a look at the diagrams on the machine again, and said “Fuck it – I can’t fuck it up anymore than it already is, right?” So I unthreaded the whole thing and started from scratch.

About 2 hours and many, many cuss words later, I had a chain. I had threaded the serger. All by myself. Without the nice lady from Joann’s. I’m a  fucking genius, I am. I can thread my own sewing machine. As long as I have detailed pictorial instructions, the manual, the detailed drawings on the  machine itself, 2 hours and the leeway to say “You fucking piece of shit” repeatedly.

I have a feeling I’ll need a hell of a lot more than that to figure “Lost” out.


One Response to “Well, I’m “Lost” – But I Fixed the Serger”

  1. Gary Day said

    Lost is starting to piss me off, I mean it’s a great show and the most recent Des episode was interesting, but can someone please tell me “What the Fuck is going on over on that island”, I mean nothing is ever explained and i’m starting to lost my patience.
    Plus the dickheads keep shutting down great TV shows, Day Break was a bloody awesome show and that was explaining
    lots every episode (except why the day was repeating) and it was awesome, the bastards cancelled it – at least I can get the remaining episodes off the net!


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