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It’s a Jungle in there! Or a sewing room….

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 10, 2007

I made the smelt last night. It worked out really well. I did as most in here suggested, and coated the *dry* fish, rather than dip the fish in the milk and egg mixture first. I also battered them up and let them sit for a while in the fridge. I think that’s the secret, because the batter actually stayed on the fish when I cooked them – they were nice and crisp and you could actually tell that they were battered. Paul ate the whole 2.5 pound bag of smelt, and let me tell you, that’s a LOT of smelt, considering that they weigh about half an ounce each. I had a couple pieces out of the whole batch, and since Milo doesn’t
particularly care for fish, he only had one or two himself, and Paul ate the rest.

Now I’m going to have to try onion rings and fried chicken again – two things I had given up on, since I didn’t know how to make the coating actually stay on them.

But tonight I think I am going to try and talk Paul into going to the Chinese buffet – my favorite place in Malone. Damn I love that place. I mean, it’s not going to get a write up in any 4 star restaurant guide, I’m sure. But I could eat there every night of the week.

And the new project around here is “moving the sewing room out of the computer room and into the guest bedroom.” I think Paul and I are both of the opinion that if you don’t have a guest bedroom, that might cut out the “guests” all together. It’s worth a try, anyway. And I am really overextended in the computer room with all my sewing shit. Really overextended. You can’t even move in this room. I have about 10 of those Rubbermaid three drawer  cabinet things stuffed full of my fabric stash – and the “wine cabinet turned storage unit” is stuffed full, too. And I have this whole room next door that sits empty except for Paul’s junk and my wall to wall bookshelves. That’s all that’s in there at the moment – but of course, It’s a hell of a lot of Paul’s junk and a hell of a lot of bookshelves. Paul has been working on cleaning all his junk out of it all day.

But even though that whole room is a “jungle” themed room, I’m thinking it might work as the sewing room. I’ve included some “before” shots of the room. See the junk? That’s Paul’s crap. See the bookshelves? Those are mine, as are the books, but the junk all over them? That’s Paul’s junk. See the jungle theme? That’s mostly my crap, too. There’s a
bunch of zebras and elephants and tigers and monkeys and general safari stuff. All that stuff will stay in the new sewing room.

And see the brown walls? I *love* the brown walls. Paul hates the color but I think it’s great – it’s a chocolate brown. And the curtain rod is a piece of bamboo I got off the cul de sac here. I don’t think it’s real Asian bamboo – I think it’s some “Grows in the Eastern US” kind of bamboo – but it’s a hollow reed and I made a curtain rod out of a piece of it. I thought that was in keeping with the whole “jungle theme”. And yes, that’s a tree carving of a lion in the center of the room. One of Paul’s friends in Florida made that for him. Paul has an eagle, too. I think they are advertised and sold as “chainsaw carvings”.

And I’m looking for a futon frame. I have a futon mattress, and if I can find a frame, I’ll put that in there, too, and make a slipcover for it out of some kind of safari themed fabric. I’d like to have a futon in there – it would be nice for just chilling out and reading – since all the bookshelves will be in there, too. With a nice floor lamp with a safari shade. And then, too, if I ever *do* have *invited* guests – they can use the futon as a bed.

But, let’s see how long it takes Paul to complete *this* little project – he started on it today, started clearing his crap out of there and bringing it to the Harley shed. He says he’ll be done with it this weekend. But I’m not holding out a lot of hope for that. We’ll see. I’ll post more pictures as progress warrants.


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