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More Old People I Never Knew

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 3, 2007

So far I haven’t had a lot of luck placing any of these people or places. I brought some of the pictures to my Aunt’s house in hopes that she could identify some of the people – but the closest she could get was saying things like “Well, that’s either Ma’s mother or Dad’s mother” – It’s like “well, I kind of thought that myself!”

She was able to identify some of the kids though. The pictures of my Aunt’s and Uncles as babies. Which was no easy feat in itself, since there were 18 kids in my mother’s family – 9 girls and 9 boys. And they all grew up in a house with 3 bedrooms. All the girls slept in one room, and all the boys slept in another. No wonder my mother is psycho. It wasn’t until the younger kids were in their teens that my grandfather was able to build another, larger house – and by that time, they really didn’t need it.

But they had land – tons and tons and tons of land. Lamplight Acres, a residential subdivision in Williston, Vermont, is built on land that my grandfather once owned. I only wish he had kept all that land to hand down through the generations. But, of course, it’s not as though  any of us would have gotten some huge land windfall. I have literally hundreds of cousins. When you start with 18 kids – most of whom had 5 or 6 kids themselves, by each of their two or three wives – you start needing a calculator to figure out how many people you are related to. And that’s just one side of the family.

But, I don’t recognize any of these people, and I can’t figure out how they would fit into the family. Is there anyone you recognize?

At first I thought this was a guy, but now I’m thinking it’s a girl. A girl on a
wall. Could be Battery Park in Burlington.


I think this woman is so pretty. I hope she’s related to me.


I’m pretty sure this is a president, right? Isn’t he the guy on the money – like
the $100 bill?



Cute kids, but no one seems to know who they are.


OK – now is it just me, or does this look like a man? I mean, this has to be a
man in woman’s clothing, doesn’t it? Look at the hands – those are man hands.


I love these rocking chairs. That’s one of the greatest things about these old
pictures – seeing the surroundings and the furniture.


Is it someone’s birthday? My Aunt didn’t recognize the kids – she thought this
might have been “one of the neighbor families”.


Crying in the snow. I didn’t realize that snowmobile suits were that old,


More kids no one knows.


The men in a lot of these pictures look like mob members. I don’t know if that
was just the “standard dress” of the day, but they all look like they are
auditioning for the Sopranos.


Almost a Deliverance family – give them a decade.



One Response to “More Old People I Never Knew”

  1. t said

    most of the old old photos of women that look like men…been my experience that if they are farmers….they are women….but work harder than the men…so yes they will look like men……I have a couple of aunts that grew up on a farm and yea even today they have the big hands and look like men

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