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Even More Stupid-ity In the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 20, 2007

My phone is acting up again. It does this whenever it’s cold. I had problems with it last winter, too, although if you ask Time Warner if I had problems, they’d say “No, she’s just crazy”. But I’m not crazy – I really do have problems with my phone and with the internet and with the digital portion of my cable whenever the temperature drops. I’m not crazy, it’s true.

Time Warner is supposed to come out Monday to check the service again. But I already know what will happen, they’ll hook this multimeter thing up to the TV, they’ll show me some graph on the multimeter that proves the service is outstanding, wonderful and “within acceptable ranges”, then they’ll pat me on the head and leave. And then I will continue to have patchy phone service, slow internet loading times, and the picture will continue to break up on the TV, when the digital box works at all.

Just another reason to love winter. And another reason to love Time Warner.

I hate when people treat me like I’m stupid, but stupidity is so rampant in this country, it’s no wonder that people just expect it. I know when I actually meet someone with a brain, it’s rather shocking and refreshing. No one is expected to be competent and capable, everyone just assumes you don’t know what the fuck you are doing or talking about, and treats you accordingly. Don’t believe me? Look in the local newspaper, there are examples galore – people acting stupid, being stupid, and accepting stupidity. (And when you find those examples in your local paper – send me the best ones!)

Is this irony? I never know if it’s real “irony” or not – Alanis screwed that
shit all up.


I think I know this guy…..


Now see, I like the British people….you ain’t getting nothing past them.


I’m really thinking you need to go somewhere else for stamps, mailing and


Well, yeah, that “misinformation” really screwed everything up….


I’ll bet this was one of those British studies, too….

I’m thinking that injured ostrich on Highway two West was trying to escape.


This is one of those knock off IPods.


Marinated, Urinated, it’s all the same…


I must admit it, this one took me a second to get…..


Load up Granny, it’s time for her rabies shot….


I thought Ann Landers was dead, nice to see her looking so well…


That’s when you know all those new airport security measures just aren’t
working, when they lose the whole damned airport.


I’m not even quite fucking sure what the hell this is….


“Stand Up For Jesus!” “Sit down!” “Stand Up for Jesus!” “Sit Down!”


…another British Study…


I’d be careful, you know those Wolves in sheep’s clothing


You know, I love this one, just because it’s so mean…


History is not my strong suit – ask anyone. I suck at it. But even I know they
aren’t going to find a lot of civil war planes.


Does anyone have even a fucking *guess* as to exactly what the hell her dentist
is doing to her?



…and my favorite. and I put it last so everyone can stop and make a note of
the new schedule.



2 Responses to “Even More Stupid-ity In the News”

  1. groo said

    “Stand Up For Jesus!” “Sit down!” “Stand Up for Jesus!” “Sit Down!”

    Throw in a few “Kneel Down for Jesus!”s and you’ve just invented the Catholic church.

  2. Dana said

    I’ve figured out “Eye Pot.” My brother got a video IPod for Christmas; I’m figuring it’s new nickname is the Eye Pot, because it’s, like, such a trip for your eyes, man.

    Or the guy who placed the ad is fucking illiterate. Take your choice.

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