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Ships and People I Never Knew

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 17, 2007

I’ve been doing nothing but going through trash for three days. But, it has inspired me. I’ve been throwing out, sorting, cleaning and preparing to FreeCycle stuff. I have 5 listings right now on our local Free Cycle group, hopefully I can get some suckers interested parties to take some of this stuff off my hands.

And in the course of going through boxes of crap, I found *another* box of pictures of relatives and people I never knew. Some of these pictures are interesting, because they are really old. I found a bunch more of those tintype pictures that I hadn’t seen before. I really, really wish people would write on these things or include a note as to who they are. Some of these people *have* to be relatives, and in the course of my genealogy research it would be nice to be able to put faces with names. Someday I’m going to take some of these
pictures to a photographer or “real” researcher who can at least date the photos – maybe then, by way of deduction and knowing the composition of the families, I can narrow down who they might be.

But the newer photos are much harder to place and identify. Old tintypes you can safely assume are ancestors, Polaroid’s and pictures from the 80’s? Well, those could be just about anyone.

I also found a whole pile of pictures of battleships. These must have been my Grandfather’s, since he was in the Navy and the pictures were in a box of pictures that would have been my father’s. The ships are really, really cool. I wish I knew someone who was into this stuff, because I would give the pictures to them. They look like they were part of a set of pictures of the complete battleships of the Navy or something. They are like 8 X 10 in size, and in perfect condition. I can’t date these, either, although there is this clue:

Down in the corner of the picture, it says “New Destroyer DE 13”.If the ship was
“new” at the time of the photo, that should date it somewhat, right? But,
anyway, I have a stack of these like 50 deep. Just pictures of ships – and
pictures of guns on ships, and pictures of engines of ships. I wish I was more
interested in ships. Or wars. Or warships. Or something.

And then there are the general “these might be people I should know, but I don’t know them” pictures. Like the following. If you can identify any of these people, or places or things, let me know. I might have a goldmine for you.

One of the Goodfellas?


This photo is interesting to me for many reasons. The photographer’s mark in the
right hand corner identifies it as being form “Bowling Green Kentucky”. I never
had any relatives form Bowling Green Kentucky. But it also looks like a “club”
or “fraternity” photo to me, for some reason, probably because of the identical
“leaves” or whatever the hell those things are on the subject’s shirts. I don’t
know, I could have had a relative that was in some club or college in Kentucky,
I suppose.




Cute kids, but I wish they hadn’t dressed little boys like little girls back
then, with the dresses and the long gowns. It really makes identifying people a
lot more difficult. I can’t tell if the younger kid is a girl or boy in either
of these pictures, and I’m not convinced the older one is a girl in the second
picture, despite the skirt. This
really makes the job of placing these kids doubly hard.

Well, it’s the class of 1929 from NHS. I don’t know what “NHS” is.

I love this picture. I think the little girl is gorgeous. She doesn’t really
look like anyone in my family, though.

Sisters? This is one of the tintypes I found. I can’t tell if one of these is
the mom and the rest the daughters, or if they are sisters.


Perhaps this is the guy who graduated from the college in Bowling Green? But the
photographer’s identifying mark said this photo was taken in Burlington, so, who

Two kids and a dead fish.

And the Deliverance family of the week. Wondering if they qualify? Look at the
guy in the back row on the far left. I wouldn’t want to be caught out in the
woods with him. And what the hell is that lady in the front on the far right
holding? Is that a chicken?






6 Responses to “Ships and People I Never Knew”

  1. ansaman said

    The picture of the destroyer is here (same picture)

    Apparently, your copy is retouched.

  2. I can’t find that picture with that link. Do you have another link – or is it just me?


  3. Hank said

    I think that’s WHS, not NHS, and it’s probably W High School. The 1927 date indicates that this was the sophmore class of WHS.

    Did you notice the old (it may have been new at the time) car in the background?

  4. Hank said

    I had trouble with the link also, Kim. I had to go to, select destroyer escorts, and then pick DE-13. Strangely, once I got to the picture, the url was exactly what Ansaman posted.

  5. Greg said

    I’m pretty sure what the lady in that last photo is holding is a cat/kitten, with its head stuck out through the crook of her elbow.

  6. Charlie Pearce said

    Greg said:

    “I’m pretty sure what the lady in that last photo is holding is a cat/kitten, with its head stuck out through the crook of her elbow.”

    Oh, great. The first blog entry in ages that *didn’t* involve crooks, and you have to go and ruin it.

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