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Anyone Need a Stolen Wedding Dress Pattern?

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 14, 2007

I’m sick today – can you tell? I was up all night throwing up and I have wicked ass stomach cramps. I think Paul may have poisoned me. That’s what I’m thinking, anyway. Either that, or all this fucking stress and aggravation is getting to me. I have Multiple Myeloma, which is a fancy name for this disease called “make out your will”. I also have lupus thrown in on the side, just to keep things interesting. And stress and aggravation can exacerbate either or both of these conditions, and God knows I’ve had my share of stress and aggravation this week.

But the good news is that I can stop worrying about Gary and the Twit, they aren’t going anywhere. Her mother took their car keys and won’t return them, so they are effectively grounded. The NIT Twit called the cops when the mother wouldn’t give them their keys, and since the car is 10 ways to Sunday illegal, they wouldn’t make the mother return the keys. They did give Gary and the Twit a ride back to their trailer, though. So I guess that’s where they’ll be until the landlord catches news that they are there.  The mother and I have both been calling him, but there’s been no answer, just a machine. I haven’t left a message, but she did. So hopefully sometime today one of us will be able to let him know what’s going on.

And if the landlord kicks them out, or asks for money to let them stay, well, they are going to be shit out of luck. They are definitely out of money (again), and they’ve burned about every bridge they ever had. The have few if any options after this last resort of “let’s go back where we started 10 times worse off than when we left.” And now they have my sister’s husband trying to hunt them down. I’m calling him later, too, and telling him “They’re at the trailer and are pretty well stuck there because they have no car – go get them.” That might be an effective way to just have the end of them, because my sister and brother in law are really fucking pissed.

And now I’m stuck with *another* crapload of shit I don’t want. I’m going to mail the pictures of her kids and the personal things to the mother, and I’m returning the stolen stuff to Joann’s, but it’s going to cost me a fortune to get rid of their mattress and the pile of clothes and bedding they have here. I guess I can add that to the tab. Or take it out of the money I supposedly “screwed them out of”. That’s what they told her mother – that I “screwed them out of $300.” I think they must be talking about her checks that are still here – but how I “screwed them out of” coming to get them is beyond me. Maybe she thinks I cashed them, but like I told her mother “Just because that’s what *that* thieving bitch would have done, doesn’t mean *I* did that.” I don’t even know how much the checks are for, I haven’t opened them.

Personally, I’d like to mail them to the family court – they can distribute the checks to whomever they think they belong to on Tuesday when they have the custody hearing the father requested. Of course, I don’t know how the NIT Twit is going to *get* to court, now that she doesn’t have a vehicle. But her mother plans on being there and fighting for the kids, or at least asking for visitation rights. I told her that NIT Twit plans on just waltzing in there and demanding that everything just stay the same – you know, joint custody with the ex husband having primary physical custody. In her mind, this is a small change from the way things were before – joint custody with *her* having primary physical custody. She doesn’t see that abandoning the kids and writing a note that says “I’m giving up all my parental rights and responsibilities” might influence the court to determine that she doesn’t have the kids best interests in mind. But she’s hoping for “joint custody” only because she also believes that this keeps the child support checks flowing her way. Which is also delusional, but, that might just be the EST talking again. Because she doesn’t get the whole “child support is for the support of children” concept – she believes child support is just another form of alimony, and that she deserves it for “all she put up with” while she was married. Even my stupid sister tried explaining the difference to her, but the NIT Twit just argued with her and said “The one time I need help from him, he’s trying to stop my checks – that’s how much of a bastard he is.”

But I would love to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom Tuesday. It ought to be quite entertaining – especially when NIT Twit gets up there and announces she has no place to live, no vehicle and no support system in place because she’s screwed everyone over in the last month, and tries to get the judge to determine that she’s stable and sane enough to care for her kids, despite the fact that she abandoned them 2 weeks before Christmas without so much as a fucking “Howdy Doo!”

So, tomorrow I will go through this pile of crap in the living room and mail the personal things to the mother and throw the rest out in the Harley barn for garbage pickup on Friday. The computer and a couple of other things, like the DVD’s and CD’s, and the stereo thing, I’ll leave here inside and either put them in the Free Trader or find someone who wants to buy them and try to recoup some of my money. Or maybe I can put the stuff on the porch with a sign that says “Will trade for a bag of sugar and some Pop Tarts!” Paul would be happy with that.

More as developments warrant, but I don’t think there will be any significant developments other than “I heard some guy kicked Gary’s ass over a drug deal.” And six months from now, he’ll call and be pissed if I’m still pissed, because, you know, “you shouldn’t hold a grudge, that happened a long time ago, and I’m clean now.” That’s typical Gary. Hopefully he will have dumped the NIT Twit’s ass by then.


11 Responses to “Anyone Need a Stolen Wedding Dress Pattern?”

  1. Dana said

    Yikes, Kim. I’ve just read the part about your being sick. You’re sick enough already, dammit. But I thought you should know there’s some sort of nasty gastrointestinal virus making the rounds — they’ve quarantined my mom’s Alzheimer’s facility in CA, my girlfriend Tonya here in IN had half her crew out with it last week. Apparently it’s made it to Malone, too. I just wanted to get Paul off the hook, since I’ve already sent the cops after him once.

    Now I’ll go read the rest of today’s opus. Feel better.

  2. Dana said

    Oh, and Kim? Freecycle their crap. It’ll save you plenty on dump fees.

  3. Well that’s good to know. I wondered why he would bother poisoning me at this juncture! But you *never* know!

    What should I be doing for this? Anything special? I can’t keep much down – I threw up the aspiran I took earlier, and I’ve been living on ginger ale the rest of the day, and staying on the couch under a ton of covers while I’ve got the chills, then throwing them all off when I get the feverish spell.

    This sucks. I hate being sick, and my whole body feels like I went 3 rounds with Holyfield. Achy and sore.

    And this doesn’t last long, does it? I hope it’s one of those “24 hours” things.


  4. OOOoohhhhhhhh!!! Freecycle is a *GREAT* Idea! I even belong to the Malone Freecycle group – they just don’t get lots of action -but they will now!


  5. Amy said

    You don’t need to be a fly on the wall – family court is open court, isn’t it? Just show up for the hearing. You are certainly an “interested party” – and then you can tell us what happened (assuming that you’re feeling better, of course).

    Maybe seeing justice done will alleviate some of the stress? And it’ll give you an opportunity to say, “You need to show up by X day or I’m Freecycling your crap.” Plus, you could testify that you found drug paraphernalia in your home, and hopefully insure that the NITwit doesn’t get custody of those kids. Too bad you can’t contact the dad’s attorney ahead of time. I’ll bet he would LOVE to hear from you.

    As for what to do – I have found that it is much more pleasant to throw up with a cup of warm, sweetened tea on my stomach than nothing at all. Last time I had the flu (November) I broke all the blood vessels in my face with dry heaves before I discovered this. Some of the liquid must have been getting through, too, which can’t hurt. You don’t want to get dehydrated. Go for decaf, so you can rest. Also, the usual toast and applesauce is good when you start to feel like *maybe* you could keep something down. I don’t believe in Jello. I also don’t believe in Gatorade, but it might help. Hell, add a cup of chicken broth to your cup of sweetened hot tea, and you’ve basically consumed what’s useful in Gatorade, anyway. Salt and sugar and fluid isn’t worth $3 a bottle, IMHO.

    If you can’t keep anything down for 24 hours, you need to go to the doctor. They have nifty drugs they can give you to cure the nausea, and once you can keep stuff down, the other stuff will start to go away, too. Try Tylenol when the fever gets bad.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Pixel Dent said

    I hope someone has let the father know about the shoplifting trip with your niece in tow. Just because you know what twit has been up to doesn’t mean the judge or even the father knows, and judges can be reluctant to change custody without solid reasons. The drug paraphernalia info would just be hearsay (unless you or your sister testified) but I bet they can get a record of the shoplifting.

  7. Boron said

    Kim, if you are still sick tomorrow morning, call the doc. You have to be very careful about dehydration. Please do not neglect this and realize that you’ll dehydrate faster than most. Tell Paul to keep an eye on you and get you to the ER if you cannot keep any liquids down by tomorrow AM.

    Try sucking on ice chips and taking tiny sips of water (ginger ale is fine, too)at 5 minute intervals. If you keep it down, increase it to a few more sips the next time. The trick is to get some hydration without triggering the heaves. If Paul can get you some Pedialyte and you can get a bit of that into you, that’s good too. It helps keeps your electrolytes in balance. Again, you’re at high risk. He can pick up some liquid Advil, too, and that might stay down and work on your fever. Advil is a good fever reducer. No one makes liquid aspirin, though.

    I wish I were there to help.


  8. Gary Day said

    I Agree with Amy, find out who the fathers lawyer is and get to court a little early, speak to him and tell him about all the needles and shit you found in your house while they were staying there .. while they might not actually be hers (she could say they were garys) it’s still hardly a place where *ANY* judge would put children!

    It would be great if you could goto court – unless it’s one of those judge judy things, if thats the case maybe we’ll see it on tv in a few months or something ! 🙂 haha

    Get well soon

  9. Lisa said

    How far is Malone from Burlington? If you felt well enough to go wouldn’t she shit herself when you walked in the court room! I’d love to see that!

  10. Oh – I know, I’d LOVE to be there – just to see the look on her face when I laid their needles and tourniquet on the judge’s bench. And brought up the fact that they are fucking homeless.

    We are about an hour and a half away – not un-doable, but I don’t drive – with my illness, I’m not allwoed to, and Paul works, so unfortunately, I don’t think it would be possible.

    But I would love to be there. I may call my sister and have her go. She can always bring the needles and drug crap she found in her house – and she has the added bonus of being able to testify about them bringing her daughter shoplifting.



  11. LIsa Ann said

    Kim – sorry to hear you’re sick…I agree with everyone else here about going to see the doc and not getting dehydrated.

    But the real reason I’m writing here is, I think the only thing you can legally do with their checks is “Return to Sender: No longer at this address” and give them to the post office. That way they can’t get you for tampering with the US mail.

    Feel better!

    Lisa Ann

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