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The Characters of Malone: More Party Goer’s

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 2, 2007

So, besides the regular denizens of Ray and Lynn’s house, the ones who are always there, there were also some new faces at the New Year’s Eve party. The really funny part of the picture taking and name asking was that to each person I took a picture of, I also said to them “I have a blog – it’s about Malone and the fact that no one here works, and that the people are all uneducated, and town is kind of a mess because of that – can I take your picture for the blog?” Every single one of them said “Sure!”

First off we have Mike. Mike seemed rather quiet and reserved, actually. And I think he left early, because I don’t remember seeing him around when it was Midnight. Mike acted as a sort of semi-bartender, which consisted of toting the beer out to the back porch and putting it in the snow, then going to get a beer for anyone who asked for one. So he hung out in the kitchen a lot, quite close to the back door.

Next we have the dancing sisters. I don’t really know if they are actually sisters, and I don’t know their names. All I know about these two is that they hung in the living room, they were in charge of the music and they danced all
night. Just the two of them, dancing along with each other to every song they played. And there was a lot of “Cher” played. Paul finally got a little perturbed with the “Cher” and told Ray “Dude, you’ve gotta change this fucking music”. So the dancing sisters switched the CD to Lynyrd Skynyrd and continued dancing.

This is Joe. Joe was at the party with a little girl named Angel. Joe was quite funny. When I asked if he could take his picture for the blog, he said “Sure!”,
then I took his picture and asked “So, what’s your name and what do you do?” He said “My name is Joe, and I am on disability.” So I kind of laughed and said “Of course you are! This is Malone”, and Joe offered to show me the scar that was the reason for his “disability”. I wanted to see this scar, only because Joe looks like a strapping young man at first glance. He certainly looks like he’s able to hold a job.

So, Joe held up his arm and showed me a little scar that’s smaller than the one
I came away with after having a C-Section. I asked him “You call that a scar? And what makes that worth a disability check every month? Can’t you flip burgers with the other arm?” He
said “No, I can’t work, I’m in therapy and my arm hurts. I can’t even raise it because I cut tendons in it.” Then he made a huge show of “trying to raise” his arm, and he couldn’t raise it or bend it. I said – “What do you mean, you can’t raise it? You mean like you just raised it for the picture?” He laughed and said “Yeah, like that – I can’t raise it like that.” Made no sense to me, but this is Malone, after all. Go figure.

Oh, and one more picture, this one of Ray and his Rott, dancing. This rott is the sister of the one that the Useless Twin Kenny had at my house. Only this one is taken care of, and fed right and brought to the vet. And you can tell the difference in the dogs. This dog weighs about 100 pounds, and is a female. Kenny’s dog is a male and weighs half that. This one has a nice, shiny coat and
healthy looking skin and eyes and teeth. Kenny’s has runny, caked over eyes, is balding in patches and has sores on it’s legs and back. And this dog is one of Milo’s BFF’s. They pay together really well and are so cute together.

We should have kept Kenny’s damned dog when we got rid of Kenny.


3 Responses to “The Characters of Malone: More Party Goer’s”

  1. Gary Day said

    Hey Kim,

    I need to see a picture of losermum (or did you already post a picture of her?)..

    P.S did you ever find out what that damn state of vermont letter was all about ! ?

    BTW, these dudes in Malone look great, you should contact kevin smith and get “Jay and Silent Bob” down to Malone!


  2. You know, you are like the third person in 2 days to ask to see a picture of her. I thought I had posted one, but I guess I haven’t. I’ll hav eto remedy that.

    In the meantime, you can see her here.

    And no, I haven’t found out what the letter is yet. Supposedly the post office is closed today, so she can’t go get the letter. Not that she would even if the post office is open. All Gary said about it was “well, that can’t be good news”, and I think that intimidated her enough that she isn’t excited to go get it.

    But I am DYING to know what it is.


  3. A lot of folks deal with problems by not dealing them, not even acknowledging their existence. This isn’t always the worst way in the world to handle a problem, because some will go away and some have no solution. However, it never works with governmental bureaucracies; it just escalates them. You may find this gratifying to contemplate.

    The Post Office is, like all the other Federal agencies and the New York Stock Exchange, closed today in mourning for Gerald Ford. I don’t think any of the states and other governmental organizations are doing so. And I’m pretty sure most private businesses aren’t. I hope they’re not because I’ve got the next two books in a series scheduled to arrive today by UPS and I’m going to be pretty cross if they don’t show up, since I finished the first book last night.

    Mary “I get really grumpy when I don’t have what I want to read”

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