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Even More Stupid People in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 27, 2006

Well, Christmas is over, and we approach a New Year! Maybe this year will bring a newfound sense of pride and intelligence here in Malone, and things will be different. This is the year I am going to get more involved in the Village, and find out why some things are the way they are. The current seated judge will see his term end at the end of the year, so I am seriously contemplating running for his position. I wish all my friends in AFCA were residents of Malone – I’d be a shoo-in! I do have to come up with a campaign slogan, though. I’m thinking of either “Vote For Me! I have a College Degree!” or “Vote For Me! I’m More Judge-Mental than that other guy!”

But no matter what, I know that I will outlaw stupidity in Malone. That will be a good thing! Then maybe that movement will go National, and people like the following will be outlawed, as well.

And sheep everywhere are afraid.


Dammit! Make him talk!

I hate when people give their kids common names.


This is why we need experts. For grand pronouncements like this.


….and good luck with that.

what concerns me most is that these people have children.

Now see, If I was a Mexican, I’d be going over and correcting the sign.

is that clear? Now explain it to me…..

well, I’m sure he had a *slight* headache.

someone needs to stop the Elks and their drug pushing.

and they are doing a really good job.


I don’t believe this guy.


Is it really only the “critics” who say it’s not seaworthy? is there another
side saying it is? Because I’m going with the critics.

This girl needs fucking help – before she moves on to pants or something.

Heaven-o to ya!

I wonder how long he watched.

last but not least – my favorite.


One Response to “Even More Stupid People in the News”

  1. I am smiling because I already bought some sheep.

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