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Some More People I Never Knew

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 16, 2006

More pictures left to me by my Grandmother and Aunt of people I have never known and whose identity is a mystery to me. I love the ones of the people with dead animals. Because taking pictures of dead animals is really such a necessity.

There’s also a couple of pictures of places I don’t recognize. If you have any guesses as to where these pictures might have been taken, let me know.

This is an interesting picture because I think it might have been a newspaper
print. The way the two pictures are “together” on the one frame makes me think
that. I don’t recognize any of the people, though.


Neat car, anyway. Can you date the picture from the car?

I like this picture because the girl looks so chic.

Handsome young man, but no one I  am related to. I can’t figure out if this
is a college graduation picture or high school graduation picture. I’m not good
at guessing people’s ages.

The Madonna of the 50’s – check out that cone shaped bra.

Have you ever been here? I don’t think I have.

….and I don’t know what distinguishes these little cabins from every other
little row of cabins in the US

rub a dub dub, three men in an old tub.

I don’t know if this guy is a magician or just a generic bird tamer.

Quite dapper. Was this a standard outfit of the day, or is this like the mayor
or something?

Another “Deliverance” family, this time with a pet. At least I think that’s a
dog down in the right hand corner. Either that or an ugly kid.

I love this picture, too. But we didn’t have any families with two girls so
close in age.

I think this lady and the magician guy should get together – if they weren’t

Are those catfish?

and are these rabbits? And would that count as “surf and turf?”



3 Responses to “Some More People I Never Knew”

  1. Mike said


    The car is a Chevrolet, circa 1920. My guess would be a 1918 model 490. Here’s a photo of one:

    Similar body styles were produced from around 1915 through the early 1920s. By 1924, the radiator was expanding in height from the short, squat design in your photo.

    — Mike —

  2. Julie said

    “…either that or an ugly kid” — Kim, you slay me!

  3. Marilyn said

    This is my first visit to your site. Had to go back to the beginning to learn more about you and have been laughing and wiping tears from my face all afternoon. I, too, have lived in upstate NY and can relate to some of your hilarious insights. The picture of the pond and buildings is The Balsams in Dixville Notch, NH. It’s a beautiful old hotel. My son was married and had his reception there.

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