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Wireless Woes, but the Spool Rack is Great!

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 15, 2006

I got another delivery from UPS yesterday! That guy has to be getting pretty sick of me. This time he was delivering a gift a friend bought me for Christmas – a thread rack. I had mentioned in AFCA that I really wanted a way to store all my spools of thread. They were all over my table and rolling all over the place. I had some in a drawer, where they fit well, but then couldn’t be identified when I went to look for one. I had to take them all out of the drawer to find the color I wanted. The whole situation wasn’t working.

A few people posted solutions, including “Have Paul just make you a thread rack – it’s just dowels and wood.” Which would be a great solution, if Paul was the type to actually do anything. But one person, Lesmond, had the best solution of all – she bought me a thread rack and sent it to me! So now I have a new “Thing in my house that I like” – a new thread rack. It hangs on the wall, solving the “storage on the sewing table” problem, and you can see all the thread colors, and it fits like 120 spools! It’s perfect. And I even got Paul to
hang it!

And see that picture of the spool rack? I took that picture with the new camera, which I am still trying to learn how to operate. I was lucky that someone in AFCA was posting at the same time about taking pictures using the “Macro” function on her camera. I have that on the new camera and didn’t know what the fuck it meant. After seeing the photos that the AFCA poster was taking, I realized it was some “extreme close up” function. Which I’m quite sure I will never use, and  I am still wondering how “Macro” differs from “Zoom”.
That’s what I hate about new stuff -there’s so much to learn. I have to figure out which resolution I should take “Normal photos” in – there’s like 6 choices. And what “mode” should I be in “normal” or “fine” – and what’s the difference? Just too much to learn. I like my old camera.

Maybe my New Year’s Resolution can be: “Learn How to Use the Camera before I Decide I Hate it”. But I hate it.

In other news, the cable guy came and installed the “wireless network” thing. And just as quickly, I uninstalled it. I found after it was set up that I could no longer get into my Gin game to play Gin, I could no longer get into my bank accounts, and I couldn’t even get into my PayPal account. I did a little “online Chat Help” session thing with the bank, and they said “Oh, yeah, that’s a known issue with routers, you are going to need to enable the following  TCP ports. If you don’t know how to do that, refer to your software or documentation for the router.” I searched all over the computer and couldn’t find any software that referred to the router, and the guy certainly didn’t leave me any
documentation, so I called Time Warner and asked them how I could enable the ports. They promptly told me “Oh, no, you can’t do that.” Huh? Why not? Well, they had no specific reason as to why I couldn’t do that- they just said they didn’t allow it. And that if I wanted to enable specific ports I would have to purchase my own router.

Well that rather pissed me off, and in the meantime, until I bought another router, I would have no gin, no PayPal and no bank access. So I told them “Well, fine, come get your shit and put everything back the way it was.” Gary and the girlfriend will just have to deal until they go out and buy a router. There’s no way I’m going to have limited access to the internet so they can chat on Yahoo. Not happening.

Well, that’s when the real fun started, because the guy says “Oh, we don’t have to come out there to switch everything back, I’ll just reset your phone modem, you know the CABLE PHONE that WE PROVIDE service to, and then I will turn off the wireless modem, and TADA! It will all be fine.” So, two seconds later the fool resets the modem. And guess what happens? Why, of course, the phone goes out. And nothing comes back on. Nothing. So now I have no phone, no internet, and two dead modems.

So, I trot my ass across the street to use the old lady’s phone and call them back. Of course, it’s a stupid fucking phone tree maze of “Push 1 for this, Push 2 for that”, with a 5 minute lecture telling me not to leave a service call message for all these “known issues that we are working on”. I finally get someone live on the phone by pushing “5” for “Problems with your phone service”, since they don’t have a “combined” option for “Problems with everything” and I explain to her about the incompetent jackass that reset my modem, killed my phone and how now nothing is working, and she tells me “let me switch you to the wireless tech people”, who weren’t an option on the main menu.

This guy was a real moron, because after I explain to him that “my phone is now dead, and neither of the modems are working, I had to come across the street to use the neighbor’s phone.” He says to me – “OK – can you turn the modem off and then turn it back on and tell me which lights light up?” I said “Well, not until Santa brings me my magical stretchy arms that will reach across the street.” He says “Oh – you aren’t home?” I said “No, I just told you I am at the neighbor’s.” So now, he says he is going to reset the modem and he puts me on hold. I am on hold for 22 minutes – the neighbor and I timed it.

He finally gets back on the phone, tells me everything is fine now, and that he is going to call my house and make sure it rings. I tell him that someone is home and should answer the phone. He puts me on hold and 5 minutes later he hangs up on me.

I figure “well, he reset the modem, so I’ll go and make sure everything is working. I go back home and nothing has changed. No phone, no internet, two dead modems and Gary says “no one called”.

I go BACK to the neighbors and call again. This time I get a girl. I tell her “Look, you need to fix this NOW, or you need to send someone out here to fix it. I was perfectly fine with having the wireless modem until I could get a service call to uninstall it. Then I have this guy telling me Oh, no, you don’t need *that* – I can do it! And now I have no phone and no internet. I want this fixed. I don’t want you to give me an appointment for sometime next week – I want it fixed NOW.”

So, she “escalates” me to a tech supervisor. After 15 minutes of being on hold and being told “I’m resetting the modem”, the guy finally comes back on again and says “Now I’m going to call your house and see if it rings – is there someone home?” I say “Yes”. He puts me on hold and 5 minutes later he hangs up on me.

I go back across the street and thankfully the phone and the old modem worked. So we were all set. And I do mean Luckily, because if I had to call those fuckers again, I was going to explode.

So, we are back to normal. Without wireless home networking, and with another reason to hate Time Warner cable. They are so incompetent, I swear to God. They are one company that really *needs* to outsource their service department to India. It couldn’t get much worse.


One Response to “Wireless Woes, but the Spool Rack is Great!”

  1. stopthepresses said

    I say make Gary go out and buy a wireless router and install it himself if he wants it that badly.

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