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News From Malone

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 12, 2006

Gary got the job at KentacoHut. He started yesterday. This is a good thing, because already he came home last night with chicken, coleslaw and a chicken quesadilla. I have a feeling I will be eating LOTS of chicken, which is all right with me! I love KFC. But I think his ability to get a job in 2 days proves my point – nobody works around here. He applied at 5 places and all 5 called him back and offered him jobs. The guy at K-Mart told him he had 6 different openings (most of the K-Mart workforce left to go to Wal-Mart) and a total of  2 applicants to choose from. He asked Gary “Do you know anyone else looking for
work? If you do – send them over.” Stupid non working Malone people.

John the dimwitted boyfriend came by. I asked him if the formerly pregnant thief had been out stealing for Christmas yet. He said “No, she doesn’t steal any more.” I am not sure if this is one of those “she doesn’t steal any more – but she doesn’t steal any less” things or if she has stopped stealing altogether. I’m pretty sure it’s the former. Once a thief, always a thief, is what I think. And there’s just to much temptation, what with the holidays and the new Wal-Mart. It’s not like she has more money than ever before. Or like she’s finally decided she can “do without”. I can understand that it’s a thing of “she gets a high from stealing”, and that maybe the new baby has given her a temporary high, but that new baby glow wears off, and I think she’ll be on a rampage of stealing frenzy once that happens. I mean, she *does* have a 2 1/2 year old as well as the Cabbage kid. And the 2 1/2 year old never provided enough high for her not to steal. Fuck, pregnancy didn’t provide her enough high. So I shall keep an eye on that situation.

Like I posted to someone else in a comment, I finally got my new monitor. It’s wonderful. Much nicer than the old one, and it doesn’t blink on and off! That’s an improvement. Tomorrow my new camera should be here. Although I’m not looking forward to that with anywhere near as much anticipation. I didn’t’ *want* a new digital camera, I am determined to *hate* the new digital camera, and I am dreading a new digital camera. I love my old camera. I just love it. And I hated to have to upgrade it. Does that ever happen to you? You *have* to break down and buy something new, but you just hate to give up the old item?
That’s the way it has been with me and my camera. I have an old (very old) Epson 800. Like the one on the right. It’s like 2.1 mega pixels and it’s just so limited, but I just love the
camera. It’s extremely easy to use, I know how everything works, the batteries charge in a flash when you have to charge them, which isn’t often, and I know how to work the camera to make the pictures look great. So for the last 2 years, I’ve been putting off buying a new one, although I knew I really needed to get a new one. I’ve just been fighting it tooth and nail.

But, it’s time to upgrade. Really time. It *is* only 2.1 mega pixels. So I bought a new 8 something one. Which I’m bound to hate. It’s going to take a while to get used to it, I won’t know how to run the damned thing, and I’m sure it won’t be as hefty or as much as a workhorse as my old one. We’ll see.

So we got a bunch of Christmas cards. I guess now I’ll have to buy some and send them out. Which I normally wouldn’t do, but I always feel obligated to return Christmas cards. Especially the ones that are more personalized and include pictures or little notes about what the family is doing. I think I’ll just return the cards with the URL to this blog. That’s enough of an update on what I’m doing. Which is a lot of nothing.

Although I have been sewing a lot. I finished my pajamas and bathrobe (finally). I love them. Really came out nice, and I needed a new bathrobe. Now I am making Paul a pair of pajamas. And teaching Gary’s girlfriend to sew. Which is a challenge in
itself. We’ll see how long my patience holds out. I think I’m going to try and teach her to cook, too. The other night she made macaroni & cheese. Not the box kind, although in the end it could have been. It was like the box kind, only there were onions and ham in it. Paul didn’t like it too well. He’s used to mine, baked with tomatoes and bread crumbs and a bunch of different kinds of
cheese. When the girl was filling his plate with it Paul asked “where’s the tomato?” I said “She doesn’t put tomatoes in it.” Then he asked “Aren’t you supposed to bake it?” I said “She doesn’t bake it.” When I came upstairs to see how he liked it I said “Isn’t it good!” All he said was “I think they tried to get people to eat this last year on Fear Factor”. So I guess he didn’t like it too well. He’s like me, he doesn’t like change.

So along with my camera tomorrow we are also expecting the cable guy. He is going to come and hook up the internet to Gary’s computer via a wireless router. I had a router from when I had my Vonage service. But I had to abandon the Vonage service once Time Warner introduced their own VOIP plan. Once theirs became available, all of a sudden my Vonage service didn’t work anymore. Bastards. They blackmailed me into getting their service. Which I thought was really sneaky and underhanded. So I have the router that Vonage had given me. But it’s not wireless, and I really didn’t want cable running form my computer through the living room into the bedroom. And you know I’m not going to be able to find a wireless router around here, let alone know how to hook it all up. And
if I buy my own, well, then Time Warner won’t service it. Not that they service anything else very well.

But now I’m concerned because someone said that once I have a network that Gary will have a “clear view” to my computer. Someone told me how to turn off “file sharing”, but I’m still concerned. I just don’t like the idea of being on a “network”. Where someone would theoretically be able to get my computer’s IP address and start poking around. But I suppose I have that, anyway, since I have cable modem, right? But if you know anything about this, leave a comment and either tell me I have nothing to worry about, or tell me some things I can do to make sure my files don’t get deleted accidentally by someone on my network.


2 Responses to “News From Malone”

  1. darkon said

    You don’t like the idea of being on a network? Um… I’m not trying to be snarky or anything, but you DO stay connected to the internet for at least several hours each day, I think. That’s far more risky than a home wireless network.

  2. I know that…as I said in the post, having a cable modem technically *is* a network, just on a wider scale, (right)? I am exposed to the possibility of being hacked or viriii’d or wormed just by having that, and the chances of some person I don’t know viriii’ing me are much greater than the chance that my brother will suddenly learn how to discover my IP address from the next room.

    But, I took the whole thing down, anyway, and told them to put everything back the way it was. I couldn’t get into my bank, or my Gin game, or even my PayPal account. And since the TW router wasn’t “port forwardable” so I could regain access to those things, the whole setup just wasn’t working for me.


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