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More Stupid-ity In the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 4, 2006

The parade of stupidity in the news never ends. Here are some more examples of unfortunate editing, unfortunate phrasing unfortunate spelling, and just stupid fucking people who probably didn’t even know any better.

And doesn’t he look excited?

Set the TIVO – that looks like a new one!

Grandparent appreciation month will be held March 3 from 7-9 pm.

I really hope there were only 17 bodies in that morgue before the shooting

Go ahead – guess the “mystery trip” destination!

I want to know what that bent over guy is waiting for

Ummmm….no thanks.

What a dumb fuck.

“Mommy where’s the little piggy?” “Shut up and eat your sausage.”

You should never entrust your dog poo to strangers.


One Response to “More Stupid-ity In the News”

  1. Rather than wasting a perfectly good chair (thought, to be fair, probably nobody else was going to sit on it after that) maybe they should have just iced the incredible shrinking balls?

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