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More People I Never Knew

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 30, 2006

Reaching into the Rubbermaid tubs full of pictures in the back corner of my storage room that will someday be a master bedroom, I came up with some more pictures of people, places, animals and houses that I never knew. I am still waiting for suggestions on what to do with these pictures -besides post them here for everyone to puzzle over.

It’s still amazing to me that so many pictures that are not self identifiable would
be just thrown into envelopes and tucked away. It would be nice if they were in photo albums, maybe labeled, maybe just a note written on them or next to them or on the back of them saying “This is Aunt Sue in 1975.” That would be really, really helpful. Because then, you know, I could make sure Aunt Sue’s family *gets* the pictures of Aunt Sue. Maybe Aunt Sue’s family would love to have them. Maybe aunt Sue is dead and her family is sitting around saying “You know, I wish we had some pictures of Aunt Sue in 1975..” And here I am with this treasure trove. Because you know, I have no idea who this woman is. None whatsoever. And I don’t recognize that cupboard that’s in back of her, either, so I can’t even place this picture. And does she have something in her lap? Is
that a dog? Because I didn’t know anyone with a little white looking dog, either.

I’m thinking that scrap booking is going to be a boon to people who inherit junk. I hope scrap booking takes off in a big way. Because scrap booking fanatics put labels on everything.  They have tags, labels, banners, words, comments and decorations for their pages of family vacations. Then people that eventually end up with this stuff won’t have pictures like this:

Now really, people, what the hell is this? Couldn’t this have been taken about anywhere? Well, it could have been taken anywhere in Vermont, that’s quite certain. What was the photographer trying to capture? Is that some sort of cave at the end of the picture – or is it a bear? If it was a bear, I could understand the point of the picture, I can see trying to capture a bear on
camera – but not if the bear ends up looking like a cave. Because then, well, the effect is kind of lost, isn’t it? Why would you even take a picture of an indiscriminate wall of rock with a cave or a bear at the end of it? Is this something to bring home and show people “Here’s a picture I took on vacation – it’s rocks”. Kind, I can now understand that old joke about being roped in to watch your neighbors vacation slides. Because if they were pictures like this, well, I wouldn’t have gone to the neighbor’s when they got home from vacation, either. This is just fucking nuts. I have never taken pictures of rocks, and I never will.

And here we have a picture of a guy on a roof. I don’t recognize the guy, and I don’t recognize the roof. What the hell am I supposed to do with this picture? 

And you can see why I don’t recognize this guy. I’m hoping it was Halloween and this was a mask.

Then we have the “vintage” pictures. Now these are the pictures I would love to identify, because they could be pictures of my relatives. But “vintage” photographers were no better at labeling than my Aunt was, unfortunately. I wish I could recognize some of the houses, some of the landscapes, it might make it easier to recognize some of the people, but that’s a no go, either. I did take some of the unidentifiable pictures to one of my older Aunt’s before she died. She was able to pick out some of them as people she knew. Which was a help. But there were still some she had no idea about, and, really, if she didn’t know, I don’t know how I can be expected to know. But, if you happened to be in the Vermont area around the time these pictures were taken, and you recognize any of these people, let me know who they are.



I also have some class pictures – which include lots of faces, thereby decreasing the chance of identifying them, because first you have to know which person would be the reason you had the photo, and then identify the person. But, it does increase the chance that someone will recognize the photo or one of the people, so I include them here for that reason. Take a close look and see if you can identify anyone.

I’m going to guess these were taken in Vermont. Probably around Charlotte, Shelburne, Williston, Burlington, that area. Because that’s where most of my family was from. Don’t ask me years, I have no clue on even how to start identifying the years.

Now, what concerns me about this photo is the guy in the back row on the right. That’s a fucking MAN! That ain’t no kid. Compare him to the little kid in the front row on the left. Were they in the same grade? I think that guy in the back row was a transfer student from Malone. He stayed back a *bunch* of times. Interesting that all the girls are in little dresses, though. No pants or trousers for them. That must have gotten *really* cold in the winter. Because you just know that these kids are all now at that age where they’ll tell you they walked 10 miles to school everyday – in the snow  – uphill – both ways. I think the women should now add to that little anecdote “In a dress.”

And, for the animal lovers. The obligatory “Animal I never Knew” picture.


4 Responses to “More People I Never Knew”

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  2. I think that one class photo is a publicity still from “The Waltons”. The other one is more likely “Little House On The Prairie”.

  3. Veronique said

    In a diary I was given in Christmas of third grade (which I faithfully kept up for five days) I wrote, “Snowed. Wore pants under my dress.) By fifth grade, apparently pants were okay (I remember the day every girl but one wore a pants…and the one was commonly known to be from a weird, abusive family.)

    Anyway, the class photo could be from the sixties, is all I’m sayin’.

  4. Maybe the girls all have skirts on because they’re having their picture taken.

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