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More Stupid People in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 25, 2006

And now, something everyone loves – More stupid people in the news. With comments, and apologies to “right…”

Well, you know, it’s kind of a cheap shot, because there’s nobody easier to mock
than Michael Jackson, really.

Another reason to not eat Mexican food before surgery.

You know, I love this picture, but this is one reason I don’t let kids in my
house. Fucking animals, I’d kill these little shits.

Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later.

…but it may not?

And not a minute more!

I don’t know Donna. But I love her. That is one ballsy bitch. Donna is my new

Well, he has a stressful job. Give the guy a break.

The bird committed suicide. He was sick of being the smartest living thing in
the house.

Maybe they were just practicing

They must really hate Celine Dion.

As long as she doesn’t sing like “Barbara Streisand”.



3 Responses to “More Stupid People in the News”

  1. Mr. BG said

    Y’know, I wouldn’t kill the kids, but I would keep one of them as ransom until the parent or parents responsible for them got me my new flat screen TV and re-did my wood flooring.

    If they couldn’t do it in 30 days, I’d sell that little demon to the Saudis. They pay well for white children.

  2. I used to be the service manager of a computer store. We had a sign in the store that said “Unattended Children will be given an Espresso and a Free Puppy.” People pretty much got the message.

    And I’d sell both of the kids in the picture to the Saudi’s and ask questions later. Damned demon spawn.


  3. Veronique said

    God, those kids remind me of the infamous Dave V@n, who had a blog detailing the hijinks with his two monsters, who, IIRC basically destroyed his house.

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