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Stupid-ity In the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 20, 2006

Sometimes there are things in the newspaper that just make you scratch your head and go “HUH?” It’s not you, really it’s not, it’s bad editing, bad choice of words, questionable headlines, faulty logic or those little things that just make you go “Well, no shit!” These are the things that make me laugh the most, because you have to wonder exactly how many idiots this had to get by to make it into print.

In deference to “right..”, who left a comment complaining about my added comments, I’m not going to say a word about any of these, although I’m thinking it. Feel free, though to leave a comment and add your own captions. Some of them are just *begging* for responses. And the last one is my favorite. For obvious reasons.


















2 Responses to “Stupid-ity In the News”

  1. ¡Que Barbara! said

    Don’t listen to “right . . .” I enjoy reading your comments, too.

  2. Hatpin said

    I enjoy your comments too. Keep ’em coming!

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