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“If I Did It” – Which I didn’t, but I did…..

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 17, 2006

So, OJ has a new book coming out, I’m sure you’ve heard. “If I did It” purports to be the story of how he *would* have killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, if he had, which he didn’t. So he says.

I confess to being an armchair lawyer Part of my fascination with CourtTV came about as a result of the OJ trial. I taped the whole thing on VHS tapes, and still have the collection – all 200 plus tapes, and I have over 75 books on the OJ case. I don’t know if I will be buying this one. But it looks like a lot of people will be- with over two weeks to go before publication, it’s already number 25 on the Amazon best seller list, with 115 different threads discussing it – including threads titled “Thank you for selling this book” and “Don’t buy this book – Blood Money” and others threatening petitions and boycotts of Amazon if they sell the book. Which, of course, I think is silly. I think Amazon
has a duty and a responsibility to sell the book, just as they have a duty and a responsibility to sell “Mein Kampf”. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it, but censorship is not the way to protest thoughts and ideas.

Judith Regan, Simpson’s’ publisher, describes the book as a “confession”. Which is disturbing and amazing if that’s how OJ sees the book. But I find the thought of the book being a confession somehow less disturbing than if OJ finds it just a “how to fantasy” of how he would have killed Nicole and Ron, if he hadn’t. You must remember – OJ has two children who are also Nicole’s children. Isn’t it somehow easier to say to them “Look, OK, my bad, I got really, really pissed and I killed your mother, I confess, I repent, I’m sorry, and this book is my way of making peace with you and God, here’s how it happened and why it happened. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me, and I really am
sorry.” Now, again, isn’t that somehow better than saying to those two kids “No, I didn’t kill your mother, some unknown guy did that, and I’m searching every golf course in the US for him. If *I* killed the bitch, well, I would have done it *so* much differently, tell you what, why don’t I write a book about how *I* would have killed your mother?” Somehow, that seems even more tasteless and disturbing, don’t you think? I would think OJ would call it a confession, rather than a fantasy, if just for the sake of his children.

I have watched enough families of murder victims on Court TV to know that one of their biggest questions at the end of the day is “Why?” Unless they get a full confession from their loved ones killer, they are left with the unanswered and tormenting question of “Why *my* loved one? What happened” Why did you kill him or her?” .If Scott Peterson wrote a book outlining what the hell happened the morning of Laci’s death, I’m quite sure that Sharon Rocha would be quite pleased – much more pleased than if Scott wrote a book titled “If I did It” – outlining the exact way he “would have” done it, if he had, which he didn’t. So he says.

The Enquirer reports that OJ received $3.5 million for the book. Which, of course, should go to the Brown’s and the Goldman’s to settle the civil judgment they have against OJ. But Regan is backpedaling and saying “Oh, OJ hasn’t received any money for the project.” Bet he has, and I’ll bet the Goldman’s and the Brown’s don’t see a penny. There’s always a loophole, and OJ always seems to find it. Just like moving to Florida was a way to keep a house without having that attached for the civil judgment.

I’ve always thought OJ would confess, eventually, though. It’s in his nature to be in the spotlight, and with Double Jeopardy laws in place, he can never be charged again, so why not confess? Although I did read a pretty compelling
piece by Joseph Bosco, who was a reporter/author who attended the OJ trial every day, eventually writing the best-selling book “A Problem of Evidence“. Bosco wrote a piece for “Time” magazine that was pulled at the last second. The article was the culmination of years of research which led him to the conclusion that OJ was probably not the one who stabbed Ron and Nicole – although he was there. Bosco found evidence that Robert Kardashian, OJ’s close friend and confidante, had been recruited by OJ six months *before* Nicole’s death, to hire a hitman to kill her. Bosco has evidence of the identity
of the hitman, and names names and shows photographs. The article is called “LA Confidential Meets the The Bad Lieutenant” and the BBC is currently working to bring it to the public. You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

What is the most interesting about Bosco’s article, is, if it’s true, OJ could be tried again, this time on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and murder for hire. And if that ever came to pass, OJ’s “fantasy book” may be helpful to the prosecution. So, in the end, I think we should be glad OJ needs to be in the spotlight, and that he feels confident enough in his own intelligence that he thinks he can, once again, outwit the public and the police. That attitude may someday come back to bite him in the ass. Much to the delight of all of us.


3 Responses to ““If I Did It” – Which I didn’t, but I did…..”

  1. Bob said

    I thought i was the only nut to record the whole trial! Go to and then type in the search box, fuscosnhawaii, and then click on the videos. As far as MR Bosco is concerned, i talked with him regarding Wasz and the Kardashion connection and its to bad because, Wasz was found dead in his house soon after he was released from prison and Kardashion is also dead! Fuhrman knows what happened that night and I will prove it real soon. Remember when he got busted on those tapes saying all those so called play acting things?. Well stay tune for the “Fusco tapes”. These murders go alot deeper than anyone could ever imagine!

  2. uncle bob said

    I would love to see any evidence that TIME ever intended to publish that article, other than Bosco’s unsupported assertion.

  3. Bobby Bill said

    “Unsupported” is Bosco’s middle name, for Joseph Bosco is quite a fraud.

    He teaches English in China now, having failed to find any employment in the United States. China is a place where one can teach English and call themselves a professor of whatever. For Bosco, it is professor of literature, then history, then journalism, and now drama.

    He told people in Beijing that he was an expert on the Chinese media but he does not read or speak a word of Chinese. He was on English-language Chinese television for a few interviews until they discovered he was simply a teacher of English and knew nothing at all about China. He used his blog to criticize Taiwan and then had to admit he had never even been there.

    Bosco has bounced around from school to school in China until he has been dismissed or not rehired, for various transgressions. At least one of those transgressions involved a female student, who students said he he lived with for a while and she was almost dismissed from the university. Colleagues of his were thrilled when they learned he would not be rehired at Xiamen University, when I knew him.

    He now teaches English at a second-rate medical school in Beijing, from what I hear, and continues the same fantasy–that he is the director of a drama program in Beijing, when the only thing he apparently does is run a drama society for students that act out the plays of Western playwrights. C

    Bosco is not to be trusted. That he would write something path-breaking about Simpson is most likely another one of his made-up stories.

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