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Companies That Piss Me Off

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 10, 2006

1. Aldi’s  I hate Aldi’s. I am perfectly fine with the “warehouse” way of shopping. I used to liike Sam’s Club, when we lived near one, but Aldi’s takes
warehouse shopping one step lower. Now the only Aldi’s I’ve ever been in is here in Malone, and this may not be typical of every Aldi’s, but our local Aldi’s has all their products in crates on the floor. And you know, I’ve got to *really* want to save a dime on a cake mix to fucking bend over and get it. And nothing is “together”. I mean, why aren’t all the cereals in the same aisle, at least lined up on the floor next to each other. It’s annoying and confusing to walk down an aisle and see a crate of canned peas, then a crate of kool aid mix, then a crate of fresh oranges, then a crate of cereal, then go to the next aisle to see a crate of canned corn, a crate of canned frostings, and then another crate of cereal. Who shops like that??

And the fact that they won’t bag your shit for you is bad enough, but to charge you for the bags is downright ridiculous. And nowhere before have I ever seen a store where you have to rent the carts. Maybe this is prevalent in other parts of the country, but Aldi’s is the only place I’ve ever seen this practice in effect around here.

From the Aldi FAQ

Why do I need a quarter to use a shopping cart at ALDI?

At ALDI, we employ every cost-cutting measure possible to help keep your prices low. Our shopping cart “rental” system is a good example. You insert a quarter to use a cart; when your cart is returned, so is your quarter. This innovative system allows us to minimize cost and pass the savings along to you.

Is it true that you charge for shopping bags?

We don’t hide the cost of our grocery bags in the price of our products, the way
other stores do. You can either pay a small fee to purchase paper or plastic
bags-or bring your own. Of course, we encourage recycling of bags.

I hate Aldi’s. And their cost cutting efforts. So charge me one penny more for the stupid fucking can of off brand peas and give me a bag to carry them home in – and a cart to push them around the store in.

2. Refund Anticipation Loan Establishments  Why,
oh why, oh why do people fall for these things? Is the US populace so bad at math that they can’t figure out simple interest rates? According to the National Consumer Law Center, the effective annualized interest rate for RALs based on a 10 day loan period ranges from about 40% (for a loan of $9,999) to over 700% (for a loan of $200), or 70%
to over 1,700% if administrative or “application” fees are included.

And who takes out these “loans of their own money”? Low income people, of course, the ones who can least afford it. According to the IRS, 79% of RAL recipients in 2003 had incomes of $35,000 or less. HBSC/Household reported that
the majority of their RAL customers have an average household income of $17,800. Jackson Hewitt reported 73% of the company’s customers make less than $30,000
annually. The nationwide survey found about a quarter of respondents with incomes under $50,000 had taken out RALs, as compared to only 10% of those who made over $75,000. Over half of RAL consumers are recipients of the Earned
Income Tax Credit (EITC), even though EITC recipients constitute just 17% of all
taxpayers. RALs siphoned off an estimated $740 million in loan fees and administrative or application fees from low-wage workers who receive the EITC in the latest year measured. If tax preparation fees are included, the total estimate rises to $1.57 billion paid by EITC recipients Check cashing fees for 45% of these EITC recipients add another $158 million, for a total estimate of $1.73 billion spent by the working poor to get access to this government benefit distributed through the tax system.

Another industry siphoning the blood out of poor, ignorant people. I put Refund Anticipation Loans in the same category as “Rent to Own” establishments, “Payday Advance” businesses and “Title Loan” companies. Why states don’t enact legislature to regulate these places and their fees more effectively is beyond me. They take advantage of the people least able to afford being taken advantage of.

3. Home Depot “You can do it – We Can Help.” No you fucking can’t! How are you going to help, when the people you hire to work in your stores are either Olympians who spend 3 hours a day “working” at Home Depot while they are training or 16 year olds who are out of school for the summer? I mean,  if I want to ski 4 miles, stop and shoot something and then like dive in some body of water and swim 5 miles, sure, then that guy in Aisle 10 can probably help me, and if I want to make some sucky birdhouse, the 16 year old may be able to show me how to do that, because he took “woodshop” last year, but I need to like tile my bathroom – who the fuck is going to help me with that, huh? One the 3 “sales associates” you’ve trained for 15 minutes and put on the floor on a Saturday morning, when there’s 2,000 customers  in a 15,000 square foot store?  I hate Home Depot. I can’t do it, and they can’t help.

4. HBO I have HBO – I used to like HBO, but I am canceling HBO. Why? Because they suck. What the hell happened to “a new movie premieres every Saturday at 8?” That used to be one of their slogans, and now, if you go to HBO Saturday at 8, it’s the same old “Superman 2” or “Band of Brothers” shit they play all during the week. And I don’t get all these “HBO Original Films” or
“HBO Original Series”. OK, I get that a couple of cable channel series did well, so now every cable channel has to start making movies and running “Original Series”, but you know, this reminds me of MTV. Remember when MTV used to like, show videos? Try to find a video on MTV now – they’ve strayed so far from their original premise that their name doesn’t even make sense anymore. What’s “Music Television” about “Road Rules/Real World Challenge?” And HBO is doing the same thing. What’s “Home Box Office” about another episode of “Wired?” When I want to watch music videos, I should be able to turn the channel to MTV, and when I want to see a new movie, I should be able to turn the channel to HBO. I mean, what
the hell is wrong with that?


3 Responses to “Companies That Piss Me Off”

  1. Deb said

    I hate Home Depot too and agree that they can’t help, but for a different reason. They can’t ever help me because I can never find anyone who works in “that department” or most times, anyone at all. Apparently, no one there works in any department. If you do find someone wandering the aisles, they don’t know where anything is.

    One time I went and wanted a piece of plexi cut in half, only to be informed that they didn’t do that anymore because “people were cutting themselves with it”. OMG….they didn’t stop selling chain and table saws. I think it was just a lazy ass employee who just didn’t feel like doing it.

    Another time, right after they had installed the self check out lines, I of course used it. I’ve been using one at the grocery store for years. So I get up there and have to run the item over the scanner several times before it reads it. This was with every item I had. So, on my way out, I politely tell the teenage girl they had standing there that they might want to check the sensitiviy of the scanners or what ever because I had problems scanning. She tells me, “oh, you just have to get used to it.” I said no, I’ve been using these kinds of things for years and I am used to it. She kept saying the same thing and I kept getting madder and madder. Until I am finally dragged from the store, by my partner, screaming out, she was treating me like a fucking idiot, I know how to use a fucking scanner!!

    Thank God Lowes is opening a store here soon.

  2. garfunkle said

    i’ve been saying that for years about MTV. where the hell are the vide i long for the days of the video shows, “Friday night videos”, “caseys top 10”. Even HBO would show a video in between movies on “video jukebox”. Remember that kim?? So ya, i too hate MTV

  3. garfunkle said

    now that they don’t play videos. oh, and comming up with MTV2 doesn’t save them either. if they had been showing videos on the original MTV, they wouldn’t have had to come out with a second one. what were they sitting around the office one day and go, “hey, you know what we should do. lets start a channel that just plays videos and we’ll call it MTV2.” and another guy was like, “yeah, there was one out there before. i wonder what happened to it. oh yeah, that was us.”

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