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Stupid People in The News

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 7, 2006

Let’s face it, Malone doesn’t really corner the market on idiots and morons – they are just more visible here since they are such a high ratio. When only half the population has a high school diploma, and the population is small to begin with, the idiots are going to stand out. But every community has a small population of idiots, and lots of times, some of them make the papers.

I started collecting examples of idiots that made the papers, and other oddities that somehow get printed in the local news for all to see, after I saw this in one of our local newspapers this past spring:.

Now, really, how said is this? How sad?

You would think that a local newspaper would at least have an Editor, and that the Editor would catch something as oozing stupidity as this, but, no, shit like this happens all the time.

But I classify this as “stupid errors”, which may be as the result of “stupid people overseeing such things”, but not as stupid as just “stupid people”.

Luckily,  there are lots of stupid people around to satisfy my appetite for reading
about them in newspapers.

I offer these without comment, because you can probably figure out why they are included. If you can’t, email me so I can include your email in a future post where I will probably make fun of you.





You’ve got to love stupid people. Unless they live in your neighborhood.


One Response to “Stupid People in The News”

  1. Yes, stupid people are hilarious at a distance.

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