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9 Things in My House that I Kind of Like

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 1, 2006

It’s not all gloom and doom and disgusting crap around here – despite the parachute in the
driveway, skulls in the Harley barn and antique dildos all over the place. There are actually a few things in the house that I just love – or think are cool, or that belong to me and are normal. Some of them Paul hates (too “tame”), but we have an agreement that the house is mine to decorate with very little input from him, as the Harley Barn is his to decorate with very little input from me. That’s how I got away with the Mauve paint in the TV room. He hates that most of all.

1. My Curtains in the computer room

I love my creative little curtains in the computer room. I made them from old
AOL and assorted out of date CD ROMs. I had Paul drill a small hole in the top of each one, took some fishing wire and strung them together. I hung them from some metal hook things that we found at the dollar store. They look really cool, and the beat part is during the day when the sun shines on them, the light reflects like a prism and spreads all over the room. It’s really neat.

2. My scissor pegboard

Also in my sewing./computer room I have a scissor pegboard along the wall
behind my sewing machines.  It’s just a piece of wood covered with batting and some black webbing. I have pushpins stuck in all over the place, holding my scissors. I have about a hundred pairs of scissors in different sizes and functions, pinking shears, fabric shears, electric scissors, blunt shears, embroidery shears. I needed a
place to have them all handy, but scissors aren’t real easy to store where you can still pull out the exact ones you want, so I came up with this pegboard
system, which seems to work well. Now if I could just get Paul to stop coming in and taking my scissors, I’d be all set.

3. The bench in the kitchen

I love the park bench in the kitchen. It was Paul’s suggestion. We have three or four different park benches out back in the woods, and Paul suggested that he bring in one and spray paint it to match the kitchen, and put it underneath the window, where I had a gap between the cupboards. I didn’t think it would look very good, but I figured I’d let him paint it and bring it in, and if I hated it, I could just put the bench on the back porch we had made into a mudroom. Much to my surprise, when he brought it in I was really impressed with it, and loved it right away. Since the kitchen is all green and red, and the bench was spray painted green and red, I took an old comforter I had made a long time ago that had green leaves and red roses, and put that on the back of the bench. I
really like it and now it’s one of my favorite things in the kitchen.

4. The island in the kitchen

OK, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love my kitchen island. We had it custom made at this place called
Sam’s Unfinished Furniture in Burlington, Vermont. And they did a fantastic, outstanding, wonderful job. It’s beautiful, exactly what I wanted, and the perfect height and width for our kitchen. It’s gorgeous. And the best thing is that it’s all solid wood – not that veneer stuff or plywood stuff. I like that most of all.

5. The color of the master bedroom

Blackberry. It’s a purple, blackberry, plum color. I don’t know what the exact name would be- you can decide for yourself in the following pictures of bedroom stuff. But I love the color. Just love it. Paul hates it. I don’t know if that makes me love it more.

6. The shelf in the bedroom

When we re-did the master bedroom, we took out the existing ceiling and expanded the ceiling up into the attic. That makes the ceilings in there about 12 feet high, and angled. I really like that. Eventually we would like to put a skylight in there, just to brighten that room up even more. In the meantime, Paul created a shelf in the master bedroom way up high where the ceiling meets the wall that goes the whole length of the bedroom. The back of the shelf is now the attic. I really like it, and I’ve lined it with my Encyclopedia Britannica’s and some other reference books I don’t need very often. I’d like to have one of those rolling ladders attached to that wall. I think that would be cool.

7. The track lighting in the master bedroom

I love the lighting in the master bedroom, too. It’s a little “futuristic”, maybe, but I still like it a lot. I just wonder what’s going to happen when one of those bulbs burns out – it’s up pretty high and I’ll bet those bulbs are something I am not going to be able to find at Price Chopper.

8. The wainscoting in the dining room

My favorite part of the downstairs is the wainscoting in the dining room. When we first bought the house, I took one look at the huge bay window in the dining room and decided right away it reminded me of my Mother’s dining room in her house in Vermont, where I grew up, and the one thing I remembered loving the most about that dining room was the wainscoting, and I knew that I had to have it installed in this room. Paul did an excellent job on it, it looks wonderful, and we stained it Golden Oak to match the cabinets in the kitchen. Yes, the color of the dining room is “Rubber Duckie Yellow”. I love it.

9 The cabinet knobs in the kitchen

Most everything in the kitchen is something that relates to the whole “apple” motif I have going on in there. Including the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, which are really heavy cast iron knobs painted to look like apples. They were
way too expensive – like $7.00 each, but I loved them when I saw them and had to have them. And they look even better on the cabinets than they did in the display where I saw them.


2 Responses to “9 Things in My House that I Kind of Like”

  1. #10 The layout on my wordpress blog. I like the way you alternated the alignment of the photos – it gives the page a nice look.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to get the right “look” – I do all of the orginal layout in FrontPage, and sometimes it doesn’t translate well.


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