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We Just Don’t Think Alike

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 28, 2006

ME: Paul, Paul…I had the weirdest dream last night. It was so fucked up – I was in this long tunnel and Milo was at the other end, and I was trying to get to him, because I knew something bad was going to happen to him, like aliens were going to get him and experiment on him or something, I don’t know, it was a really dark tunnel, and I couldn’t really see anything, but I knew he was there, and it was like every time I got close to him, I could feel someone behind me, and when I turned around, there was nothing there, but I could sense something on the walls, or maybe it was like the walls were alive or something, maybe it was like vegetation, but *alive* vegetation, or at least sentient vegetation, and I could hear Milo at the end of the tunnel, you know that whimper whine thing he does sometime? I could hear him do that, so I think he could sense something was wrong, too, and I was trying so hard to get to him, but I couldn’t get closer to him, and then the tunnel turned into a hallway in this freaky old house, and Milo must have been behind one of the doors, because I was opening doors and yelling for him, and then when I opened one of the doors, he was there, but he was under this rocking chair and there was someone in the rocking chair, and I was afraid to go near the rocking chair, but I had to get Milo, and I think you were supposed to be there, but you weren’t, and I remember thinking I should wait for you, so that you could go and get him, but then I woke up – I was glad to wake up, too, because I think there was some kind of creepy old dead lady in that rocking chair, I’m sure of it, you know how dreams like that are. I know that would have had me waking up screaming. Isn’t that weird?

PAUL: I dreamt one time that I fucked Halle Berry.


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