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Milo Could Have Been a Wookie After All

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 28, 2006

New Page 1

I wanted to buy Milo a Halloween costume. Paul got all indignant and said
"What? Why? That’s stupid! What are you going to do – take him trick or
treating? You can’t take a dog trick or treating."

I relented and didn’t buy the costume – I did make him a pair of bunny ears,
though, and I figured I’d just stick those on him as his "costume". Then I saw
the shit below and now I’m really pissed that I didn’t buy Milo a costume- 
if people are ignorant enough to do this to their babies, why can’t I do it to
my dog? In fact, I’d rather dress my dog up as a dinosaur than dress my infant
up as Elvis Presley. That’s just cruel.

Well, at least they didn’t put her in the gold bikini, you know, because that
would just be  —- "distasteful".

The only costume that has the added attraction of "able to give you a yeast

Well, at least you don’t have to stop for diaper changes

Yeah, because this is better than Milo as a wookie – waaaaaayyyy better.

And we don’t require IQ tests before spawning why again?

Hear that tiny voice? It’s this baby – he’s saying "Kidnap me! Please!"


Look at this poor kid – he’s trying to crawl away but his feet won’t touch the
seat. Weep for poor Asian Hamburger baby – Weep.





One Response to “Milo Could Have Been a Wookie After All”

  1. Poor Asian Hamburger Baby… It’s not bad enough he’s in a crappy costume, but he’s getting American fast food stink all up on him as well.

    That whoopie cushion is bound to be the first one in history that farts without being sat upon.

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