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Sew What?

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 26, 2006

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So, I don’t just sit here and complain – I do other things, too. Some
for fun, even. I take a lot of pleasure in knitting and sewing. I love knitting
and sewing for babies and children. It seems like those are the things I make
the most, I don’t know why. Maybe because they are smaller and quicker!

Last year when we moved here I bought a brand new Singer Serger and a brand
new embroidery sewing machine. I hadn’t even taken them out of the box yet when
my friend called in September and said "Can you please make a costume for my son
for Halloween? I can’t find a "Link" costume anywhere!" I thought it was a great
excuse to set up the sewing machines – and actually get them out of the boxes.

made the Link costume – I had to make a pattern of my own, since the closest
thing I could find was a Peter Pan costume, and that wasn’t quite right. That
was fun – really tested my memory since I hadn’t sewn in like 2 years. But the
costume came out pretty good – and my friend’s little boy really loves it, which
is great because I really love him.

Once I had finished the Link costume, I ventured on to making a Christmas
dress for another friend’s little girl. For this dress I used an old shirt of my
Aunt’s for the dress part and a pair of old curtains for the pinafore. I have a
lot of old clothes hanging around that I want to recycle – this is a great way
to do it. At least for this project I didn’t have to make my own pattern – I
used this Simplicity Pattern – number 6184.
I made the little short dress with
the pinafore. I think the dress came out rather cute.

Then I started on the cutest little terrycloth bathrobe. It has a cute little
duck’s head on the hood. I used Butterick Pattern P407 for this design, and it
was ridiculously easy. I would recommend it if you are new to sewing, or just
need an easy project. I completed this bathrobe in about a half hour, but it
looks complicated and involved. I think these would be great at bazaars and
craft fairs, too.

Next I started on some sleepers for infants. I have a few friends and
relatives who are expecting babies, and I went to Joanne’s and bought a bunch of
their clearance fabrics, which luckily held some cute baby flannelette fabrics.
Since most of the patterns I have only require 1 yard for sleepers, I bought
about 10 yards of different baby designs. I finished this one using McCall’s
pattern 2490: It calls for Velcro fasteners down the front, but I don’t like
those. I am putting snaps on, instead.

Right now I am in the middle of another sleeper, then I am going to start on
some winter pajamas for me and hubby. For my birthday hubby got me a gift
certificate to Joanne’s and I went last weekend when they had a huge sale – 50%
off of all their clearance fabrics. I bought some really neat flannel for adult
pj bottoms – so those are next.



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