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Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 24, 2006

When you buy a house for $9,000, you can expect a few things to be wrong with
it. Our house didn’t really have any major defects, but for some reason I lost
my head and decided, even before we moved in, that we would do a “whole house”
remodel. While we were living there.

This has proven to be a really, really dumb idea.

Everything was going along swimmingly while the contractor was here,
demolishing the entire interior of the house,

hanging drywall, wiring, plumbing, and making the house all new and shiny. We
installed an entire new bathroom,
all new kitchen, all new floors and ceilings,
and stripped down the hardwood floors. So, everything was fine until the
contractor got a little greedy, decided to take an advance on his draw, and then
never showed up again. So is the way of Malone.

Hubby decided that we were far enough along in the process that we didn’t
really need to hire another contractor (even if we could find one in Malone),
and that everything that was left to do, he could handle. This is where the fact
that he’s really lazy tends to make a difference. Sure, he’ll do it. Someday.
Maybe. So, I have a kitchen that is really nice, with all new cupboards, all new
floor and counters, all new hardware and curtains and a new custom kitchen
island. But there is no running water in the sink, and the gap between the
cupboards isn’t faced yet with the matching panels, and the top trim isn’t on
the cupboards. If those things were done, well, it would be perfect. But hubby
has to “think about” how he is going to hang the trim, and he has to “figure
out” how he wants to put in the drain for the sink, and he has to “decide”
exactly how wide to make the facing for the cupboards. He’s been “thinking” and
“deciding” and “figuring out” for a year, so any day now I should have running
water in the sink.

The plumbing is the same as the counters. For 6 months hubby sat and looked
at the countertops that needed to be cut to size and cut out for the sink and
installed. Hubby “figured” and “measured” and “decided” and “thought” the whole
time about how it should be done, how it could best be done, and how it needed
to be done, without ever actually *getting* it done. I called every place in the
phone book from here to Vermont trying to find someone qualified to cut them and
install them, and couldn’t find anyone. Finally, one day hubby had a friend over
who suggested that hubby just take that shiny new plasma cutter hubby just *had*
to have and cut the counters with that. Hubby finally took the plunge and 10
minutes later the counters were cut and installed. It took longer to get the
plasma cutter out of the box than it took to cut and install the countertops.
After 6 months of looking at the damned things.

My problem is that I “work around”, and “make do”. I run up and down the
stairs to the bathroom and back to wash dishes and get water for cooking and
anything else I need in the kitchen, and as long as I “work around” and “make
do”, hubby thinks it’s “ok for now”, and the task drops on the “priority” list.
If I had never started cooking in the kitchen and insisted that I wasn’t going
to until there was running water, getting the plumbing finished would have never
dropped down on the “priority” list. So really, it’s my own fault.

The kitchen – Before, During and After the Remodel. Still with no running
water in the kitchen sink.



One Response to “Everything But The Kitchen Sink”

  1. admin said

    Shoul create the priority list and the target that should be achieved, so you’ll know when or how it can be said “done” or “finished”

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